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Go HERE for more information on directory entries recorded in  6 Apr 2017 RARC club repeater. 825 Mhz. Frequency  147. org . The other reason we picked it was that it was close to ur hotel. It also has a gain factor. Repeaters are used to significantly extend the range of portable two way radios. Please send addition, changes or deletions to: Webmaster A = Active, F= Future, D= Discontinued, # = Not Coordinated Repeaters local to my QTH Band Callsign Location Chan fOut fIn Shift Tone CTSS Chan 10m GB3CJ Northampton 29MHz 29. ) Click on the State you want listed Below is a list of repeaters in Texas. 05 144. Useful for mobile, handheld and base station amateur ham radio tranceivers, receivers and scanners by Kenwood, ICOM and Yaesu. Watch Us The frequency card provides information on additional open use repeaters in the area. always a good sign :-) ! Date of visit:  Me es el número de configuraciones posibles en el canal. 2M Repeater List. It is a list of Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex repeaters that I can work from my QTH in East Dallas (Lake Highlands, just north of White Rock Lake). Jim gave the Williamsburg area repeaters life, Chris Courson (KC4CMR) is the one that ensures they have a nice home, he maintains them, and keeps them on the air. The database covers the fifty U. I guess is really is what you make it. Resources listed under Repeater Map category belongs to Repeaters main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Thanks Randy . Repeaters. Two Meter Band K1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch Use this form to generate a list of amateur repeaters and broadcast transmitters to your specifications. The repeaters are open for use without restriction to all licensed amateur operators. We’re just this group of guys… you know? Actually, we are a diverse bunch that really enjoys amateur radio. HAM RADIO REPEATERS. The software makes it difficult to make a mistake but, as I usually do, I double-checked the frequencies and PL tones, offsets, etc. Let us know how it is working at info@DSTARInfo. All stations are welcomed to check-in to any net! Tuesday 6:45 P. 0 tarc link w4hrs coastal amateur radio association (cara) closed repeaters require the transmission of a continuous subaudible tone or a short "burst" of tones for access. EI7BCR will be located at Three Rock in the Dublin Mountains and will have DMR ID of 272222. com This is a comprehensive repeater database compiled by the amateur radio community. 26 Apr 2019 The closest repeaters are at least 20 plus miles away. LOUISIANA REPEATER COUNCIL DIRECTORY - Best site for all Louisiana repeaters sorted by City, Region and Frequency - Updated on a regular basis by Kevin Thomas W5KGT - LA Repeater Coordinator. If you want to look up repeaters in a Repeater Directory, look for the following counties: Montgomery. a. Ham Links. If you want to cover your 100,000 acre ranch, your city, county or even your entire state you're going to need a repeater system. 440/70cm Amateur radio and GMRS database for Ham Radio in Maryland showing all open ham repeaters in US, Canada, and Mexico. If you have any updated information of repeaters in your area please let me know. May 01, 2019 · The conventional wisdom in amateur radio is that we should not call CQ when using FM on the VHF and UHF bands, especially on repeaters. :p . 2 Meter / 144–148Mhz band. "En Proyecto 4 he comprado equipos Icom y Yaesu. 0: 77. Richmond’s first digital voice repeater went on the air on January 28, 2008 when the W4FJ analog repeater on 147. The only 2-Meter D-STAR repeater in the Triangle area. There are also some repeaters available for use by everyone that require the use of special At the time of writing, there are 15 amateur radio repeaters located in the county of Essex, with a number of other repeaters bordering Essex, in London, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and across the water in Kent. 128 licensed analogue (or dual-mode) 2M repeaters 66 licensed digital (or dual- mode) 2M repeaters Locator [QTHR]: IO92JO Advised Status: OPERATIONAL  155 records COMMITTEE ukrepeaters ALPHABETIC SORT REPEATER LIST. 5 for access. 1,40 They are also fitted with a jet locator or Power repeater/ Módulo ampliación potencia. 115 MHz, 70cm, 2m 2 Meter Repeaters. 42,0. c. Previously live-streamed using 2m and 70cms, demonstrating Repeaters and Echolink. Both repeaters are linked together during weekly net and at other times as needed. GB3SS 2m voice Speyside REPEATER NEWS If you know of a better web-link for a repeater, if you have a repeater news snippet or if any of the info on this page needs updating - please e-mail me to assist in keeping this information up to date. There’s not much of a mystery here. 0 2 6m GB3CT Northampton R50-14 50. Apr 28, 2019 · Previously live-streamed using 2m and 70cms, demonstrating Repeaters and Echolink. Ham Radio in El Paso, Texas. The red trace shows the RF link angle vs. ) In very populated states and cities like California, Florida, New York and other major highly populated locations, just putting repeaters on the air on just any random frequency without frequency coordination within a ham band, would cause immense interference between them. You can view *just* the nets by selecting “Nets” from the Categories drop-down at the top-left This is a Widget Area. Show Outdated Listings. Otherwise it seems to me as if 2m has somewhat better range. What are the commonly used protocols in the area? APRS, DStar, DMR, etc. states, the District of Columbia, and the ten Canadian provinces. Packed with loads of RF power, this dual fan-cooled unit is perfect for amateur radio applications (2m, 1. NEW - Support for Kenwood TH-D74. Standing Nets. This tends to cause a “watering hole” effect as radio hams choose a particular repeater (or repeaters) to monitor. 9 Hz) which is linked to our 2M repeater. 725MHz (the Output), and listens on 145. com. 270+ 123. If you use something other than these two programs you can export a list of repeaters to a CVS or several other formats and Repeaters increase two way radio coverage by acting as a "go between" between 2 radio operators. 255 MHz  Located at about 290' on a tower near Strickland and Six Forks in Raleigh. For a complete accurate listing of all Gulf Coast area coordinated repeater frequencies, visit the FLORIDA REPEATER COUNCIL listing. Local Repeaters & Beacons . 25 Meters 70, 33, & 23 Centimeters Bands AZ Repeaters Pima County 2M: FREQ: OFS: ST: CITY: CALL: MODE: CODE IN OUT: STATUS: COUNTY: IRLP: ECHO: LINKS/COMMENTS: Last Update: 145. The information on this page represents amateur ham radio repeater locations displayed via Google maps. any kind of repeater mapper or something to help me find the repeaters I'll get close to? RIO GRANDE VALLEY. Maine 2-Meter Repeater Directory. Net Control Operators · 10m Net · 2m Net · HF Nets · Analog VHF/UHF Nets · Digital VHF/UHF Nets. Beacons VK3RTT Glen Waverly 2m, 70cm. The Tricity Amateur Radio Club in Scottsbluff, NE. Whether you’re at home in your shack or on a cross country caravan trip, Online Repeater Map aims to quickly and easily help amateur radio operators visualise the location of ham radio repeaters. The data represents the repeaters frequency, offset, CTCSS, PL and notes such as if it supports IRLP, Echolink, autopatch, etc. Amateur Radio Repeaters for Nova Scotia. We will be conducting weekly radio nets in the near future. 4 Feb 2020 Reference maps showing Arizona Repeaters on 6, 2 , & 1. For 2m repeaters, the offset is normally 600kHz below the Output frequency. sumter area repeaters The Sumter Amateur Radio Association's flagship repeater is the W4GL 2 meter repeater which has been in continuous operation since 1978. Search the site and find repeaters in your area. 4GHz to 47GHz. Mail: San Diego Repeater Association P. Notes: Grey shades indicates not online; pending install, in planning, repair, delayed or shelved // If you wish to contact the repeater owner, click on the color code link // Oregon North repeaters have a different operating policy, please read it prior to use of any repeaters on the OR-N Manager Jul 20, 2017 · RepeaterBook. If you know of a repeater that is NOT on this map, please email brandon@trube. 3: Monmouth : 2013/12/09 D-Star Repeater Directory Click on a repeater's callsign to view the profile in detail. 3. It’s much more comprehensive than the more focused thing we’re trying to do here but, wow, I have printed this bad boy out and am keeping it in my car for when I’m driving Alabama! D-Star Repeaters. distance from the same repeater 1 mile above the local terrain. 0 tarc link w4ank trident med ctr. Adam The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. This is a comprehensive repeater database compiled by the amateur radio community. Net About GMRS What is GMRS? The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a two-way radio service designated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for personal use in the United States and other territories under FCC jurisdiction. The San Diego Repeater Association provides open Amateur Radio repeater coverage across San Diego and Imperial Counties as well as portions of Baja, California. If you are not using an email client you can send an email to n5sli@n5sli. The reason for me not giving a callsign here is borne from online experience. 840 MHz (-600) - This is the club's main repeater and is located in Washington in the hills above Camas at a little over 3000 ft. This page contains confirmed amateur radio repeaters in Minnesota. ARES/RACES Frequencies *Although not within the 2m amateur radio band, these This is a Map of System Fusion repeaters I copied from repeaterbook. There is a Yahoo group Repeaters-VK whose aim is to get a knowledge pool of people with technical skills to create and maintain repeaters. Greene. So I started to keep my notes on frequencies, NET's and Club and Hamfest information here. Artsci Publishing P. 0450+ Washington K3VOA OPEN 147. . 5. We recommend this since several other repeaters use the same pair and you will receive them also. These pages are formated without my left menu. Box 1428 Burbank, CA 91507 (818) 843-4080 Voice 2-Meter Amateur Radio repeater located on Merrit Mountain in the Humboldt National Forest, 72 Miles north of Elko, Nevada, near the Idaho state line. Emergency Power. Solid mobile coverage from Harper Kansas on the north, to south of Watonga, to Waynoka on the west, and east to Ponca City. Box 21346 , Riverside, CA 92516. The 2019 Annual Dues are now due. There are linked repeater systems that connect many repeaters together that cover hundreds of miles. (PL 100. In addition we are fortunate to a set of microwave beacons nearby covering all microwave bands from 2. Due to the number of repeaters in a small area making the map difficult to draw for the Wellington area   Packed with loads of RF power, this dual fan-cooled unit is perfect for amateur radio applications (2m, 1. 345+ 123. org and I will do my best to assist you. 350 +500kHz C 77… Ham Radio in El Paso, Texas. Note that not all may be operational. Recommended adjacent channel separation is 35 miles below 20 KHz, or as close as 0-5 miles at 25 KHz or greater. 2700- 110. Amateur Radio Repeater List Data from repeaterbook. 17,0. 310 MHz The Cullman ARC's VHF repeater, N4TUN, operates with an input frequency of 144. Our VHF repeater is located on top of the Westgate Hotel & Casino, the UHF repeater is located on top of the Southern Hills Hospital. Park Community Center located at 15390 Lambert Road near Scott Avenue. Use of the Repeater for an Event or Net: Please contact the club president for information on the use of the repeater for an event or net. Box 81103 San Diego, CA. Area Repeaters These are repeaters in our area. 3. Morgantown, KY, Linked to 444. Repeaters by nearest city/town. The repeaters were verified with a Kenwood TS-2000 running 50 watts output into a Comet CX-333 antenna at about 28 feet on a chimney mount. Clark. She will show you the store and introduce some of the staff in this short video. Here you will find details about the repeaters that are available to us in this part of the UK. 220 Mhz Repeater List. For a printable map of Marion County and surrounding repeaters, click here. I should get my YSF and DMR radios hooked up to one of your 70cm and a 2m J-Poles  This is a listing of U. Orlando Amateur Radio Club. This is a directory of Boston-area repeaters (including but not limited to the BARC machines) for area hams who are setting up HTs for the first time, or visitors to the area who want to program some local machines into their rigs. Mail correspondence should be addressed to the Riverside County Amateur Radio Association, P. The Offset is minus 600kHz; The CTCSS Tone: This is required to allow your signal to be forwarded by the repeater Area Repeaters. If the data is incorrect please contact the sysop. System Fusion Repeater MAP Feb 2018 Sacramento Valley Open Repeaters The following is a list of popular repeaters in the Sacramento and Lake Tahoe area. It is also possible to check into the Net via the W6CDF Box Springs Repeater (224. The PL tone is 141. Click on the Map for a larger version. 0: tolland : 2007/11/04 C4FM map of repeaters of the world. 12º 0,08 l/min. You may sort the list by various criteria (like state, frequency, band, etc. Note, not all repeaters listed here appear on the printable map. SMRN Link System. International  7 Jun 2018 and all are not current. 525 SX, else 145. UK Repeaters. The beacons listed are ones most likely to be heard from locations in and around Poole. There is an Australian focussed online repeater website here: Link that shows repeater locations throughout Australia, grouped by mode. 92138. 70m freqs only. 895 Mhz. BBARC Repeater Coverage : (want to join me?) and would appreciate it if anyone has actual : experience hitting 2M repeaters from there. Hoping to get some good suggestions while we snowbird in AZ. Use the REPEATERS/ Repeater Trouble Report web link to report problems with YRC repeaters. That’s pretty much our story. – South Dakota Link Net – KD0ZP (444. Reference maps showing Arizona Repeaters on 6, 2 , & 1. 64,0. Please  These are the available repeaters in and around the Central Florida (Orlando) area. On this page, we list the repeater sites located within the borders of Essex: Mar 04, 2019 · Update March 2019: It looks as if there are two new repeaters on the way. 640 29. Stand alone repeaters are not very active. PAPA System Repeaters • 23 Analog (70cm, 222 MHz and 2M) • 11 D-STAR (70cm, 23cm, 2M) • 18 DMR (70cm) • 23 Sites in Southern California Regional Repeaters and Nets Colorado and Nebraska Repeaters. GB3WR - mendips repeater group, 2m analogue Voice Repeater. 0 Repeater Cables de interconexión. Closest Repeaters Site Map | Printable View Memory Downloads near a location; Memory Downloads for a DVAP; Repeater Maps & List. The new 220MHz repeater as well as the 2M and 440MHz GE MASTR II repeaters are interconnected to and controlled by an Arcom RC-210. 500 MHZ. Ubiquiti Cable UOC 1 m. 00 144. 1900- 151. 0) both with the standard offsets. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. with news, information and resources. The Sumter Amateur Radio Association's 2 meter repeater operates on the frequency of 147. WXZ Profi HDMI 2. Designed and assembled in the USA. The UK Repeaters site gives detailed information about repeaters in the UK Amateur Radio Repeater Database Idaho ARRL. PHONE: (888) 683-8233 While all 4 repeaters are analog FM capable, the two 440MHz repeaters are dual mode, able to use analog FM as well as the digital mode DMR. None 6 Meter 1 Q2 Tech Day – Postponed! 2 Field Day 2020! – Updated The Official Web Site of the Mississippi Section. 0600+ 110. 73 repeater is on the air with a new site on English Mountain, and a brand new antenna! See the 146. Many other uses are envisaged for this database including making it much easier to apply for a new repeater licence, and being in a better position to co-ordinate repeaters nationally. O. 7 Hz . 6M Repeaters: 53. Skip navigation Mar 07, 2017 · I entered 2m and . 73 repeater page for details. The most up-to-date listing of VHF/UHF amateur repeater stations operating in Southern 2 meter band usage (featuring recognized simplex frequencies) Repeater Directory access is provided through four indexes: City County Quadrant Frequency. Añadir al Carrito. LVRAC Repeaters. Warren 10 Meter Repeaters. Updated 4/26/15. 905. Sorry we do not yet have a timeline for repair. ros, controladores de nivel, paneles de control a me- dida… G 1/2” M. 015+ , and uses PL 156. settings_input_antenna TAMPA BAY AREA REPEATERS The list is intended as a quick reference. 1200+ 100 Huntington, Lime Hill Baker K7OJI OPEN 444. 1100- Washington W3ETX OPEN 145. On that date WA4AKH (SK), Emmett West became trustee. 22 MHz. Welcome to RepeaterBook. El Gobierno Federal alemán ha  más información · más cables. 8, Barnstable, MA; 2M Repeaters: Ham Radio Outlet Plano, Texas. All programming software/kits can be found here, or on the Product Support page under the Support menu . They typically connect to a well-placed antenna and rebroadcast a received signal at a much higher power. Mississippi Ham Repeaters. 9 Huntington, Lime Hill Baker W7NYW OPEN 147. S. The map on the right is a computer prediction of coverage from existing and licenced 2M analogue voice repeaters. In some places, like Phiily/NJ area, too many to individually show at this zoom level, so it just looks blurry blue. The UK Repeaters site gives detailed information about repeaters in the UK. Special Events. We build repeaters. BARC is a local amateur radio club in the Inyo and Mono counties. 760 Mhz | -0. Only radio I brought with me is my Kenwood D74. 5Hz. 000 MHz (offset -0. PL County Callsign Status 145. south carolina low country amateur repeaters trident amateur radio club repeaters (tarc) location county rx freq tx pl link callsign adams run charleston 147. John Magda (KB4YFK) is the node sponsor for the IRLP link. Net - RepeaterMaps/Maricopa 2 Meters AzRepeaters . IEEE. May be usable in Perry for mobiles. 7 repeaters across northern IL and southern Wisc, including Echolink and IRLP. The correctness of this data depends on the repeater sysops. All W6NWG repeaters are located on Palomar Mountain and are open to all amateurs. Band plan! Aug 19, 2011 · Repeaters: How to Find Them & Repeater Offset/Shift. 90mHz FM repeater antenna-- so what that it's horizontally polarized! For those lucky enough to live, or travel through, the Michigan counties of Antrim, Benzie, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau, and Osceola there is a rich supply of repeaters for the amateur radio enthusiast to use. The KQ1L Maine 2-Meter Repeater Directory Linked 2-Meter Repeater List. Stock disponible. As questions come up, I’ll be sure to add them to our FAQ’s as well. The Rocky Mountain Radio League has 10 sites along the front range to support members. The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Radio Club operates the K7UGE repeaters on 146. Standard RCA to 4 or 5 Pin DIN (2m) Naim Audio Ubiquiti Cable UOC 2 m. The Cheboygan 52. NEW !!! - D-Star Repeaters in Japan List [ Repeater Directory Maintenance ] UPDATE 28-Mar-2020. Offset, -0. Texas Regions North Texas Upper Gulf Coast South Texas Central Texas West Texas East Texas Panhandle N4TUN 145. 82/146. Using RT Systems software, I entered 198 freqs into my Kenwood TM-V71 radio. These are called CTCSS (continuous tone-coded squelch system) or PL (Private Line PL is a Motorola trademark) tones. 640 MHz, 444. UK VOICE REPEATERS. However, as said below it depends on what repeater facilities are in your region, because mostly you will be using a viable repeater near you or that has nets/hams you want to communicate with. There are many more internet nodes available in the UK, many of these are simplex nodes. Thanks for your patience! This system has excellent coverage across a wide area of the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Southwestern Ad The BCR Repeater provides a feature rich repeater/base station. 475 near Mammoth Cave Then click on repeater callsign in left hand column to bring up Coverage Map. Haven't had any experience hiking there, but my understanding is that there is a Yosemite Valley repeater, W6BXN, 147. UPDATE 28-Mar-2020. Both repeaters are being controlled by an Arcom RC-210 Repeater controller, interfaced with RC-210 is a Motorola GM300 VHF radio on NOAA Weather, giving us the ability to monitor current weather information on demand. We are dedicated to providing reliable, open repeaters for the Amateur Radio community. myGMRS. NOTE: as of 4/3/19 - System maintenance and updates in progress summer 2019, some links may not be operable. If you need help choosing the right two way radio please visit our two way radio tutorial. Repeaters generally sit in one location and on one pair of frequencies, providing radio coverage over a particular area. Preble. So first off, how do you find a repeater that you can use. m. around our repeaters, our interests cover almost all aspects of ham radio. 150+ 123. 4 Washington W3DOS OPEN 147. Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Data for Missouri The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. ) Wednesday 9:00 P. 760 (31) 1200 Noon Brown Bag Net 144. The map contains hot-spots which link the counties to the repeaters in that area and the associated club for that area. Please let us know of any issues or comments at info@DSTARInfo. Compare this to … Continue reading Go Ahead and Call CQ on 2m FM → The post Go Ahead and Call CQ on 2m FM Repeaters RARC club repeater. Sauratown Mountain VHF, Winston-Salem VHF, Winston-Salem UHF. Repetidor de HDMI. 0 tarc link w4ank jedburg dorche ster 147. All nets can be found on the Calendar page. Your signal travels to the repeater on one frequency, and the repeater hears you and immediately retransmits your signal on another frequency. The former K2AA\R Icom IC-FR5000 repeater has recently been replaced with a YAESU DR-1X 144/430 Dual Band C4FM/FM Digital Repeater. Canal Winchester. Only list open repeaters that you know to be on the air. 110 - ct: vernon: w1brs: 77. I don't! :-) (Maps can list as much information for each site as you want to supply! i. Hope this helps. Miami. Standard offset 600 kHz. The Club operates two FM repeaters under the call K7LED. A simplex node has only one frequency and generally a much smaller range. Since all of these systems are coordinated as private repeaters, it is best to assume that they are in fact private. The Plano Amateur Radio Klub operates five repeaters, which are located in Allen, Texas about 180 feet above ground level. M. 14,96 EUR. ) by clicking the arrowhead symbols at the top of the desired sorting column. Signal is usually near the noise level, but is usually readable. Utah HAM Repeater Maps. Jan 22, 2011 · The hams that are near that repeater and out quite a ways can hear me and talk back to me thru there repeater. 9 Lime, Lime Hill Baker W7NYW OPEN 147. The Recognized Amateur Radio Frequency Coordination Organization In The State of Illinois Dedicated to providing fair and consistent coordination in a timely manner for Illinois repeater owners. Dallas / Fort Worth 2-meter FM Frequencies Verified by joel Sampson / N5LXI Repeaters in DFW that Everyone Should Know – Grapevine Ham Radio Our Repeaters As I said, I am new, but here is the sites that I got my information from and set my […] list of all repeaters in Alabama. com has a direct access link from both Chirp and RTSystems. Centered on Athens, Henderson County, Texas. 23,0. I just passed my Tech exam this morning, and I want to make sure I buy something that will work with the local infrastructure near Telluride, CO. We were Harly and tourists but full of locals/repeaters . He provides space for the computer, an internet connection, and maintains the Linux OS for the IRLP node. ' mic gain' too high, or if you have a loud voice, to talk too close to the mic, or shout . Click on column title to sort by the column or type what you are looking for in the search box. 94 is also one of the main repeaters on the Outer Banks. Please list Location, Output frequency, offset, and tone. Ø10 65 x Ø23. Chicago Area Repeaters If 2M is down 147. GB3EL: Location: London: TX: 145. 6 MHz, -0. Band plan! Jan 14, 2020 · Repeaters The Big Bend Amateur Radio Club maintains a wide area, linked repeater system covering most of the Big Bend area of west Texas. 12/222. The repeater is still operational, but at a substantially reduced audio level. Managing repeater and NET frequencies was a tough problem for me. com  20 Jul 2019 2m. 3 repeater near Turlock. These locations give excellent coverage of the  r/amateurradio: Welcome to Reddit's own amateur (ham) radio club. Over time we have added all kinds of information of interest to Upstate NY Radio enthusiasts. All licensed amateur operators are welcome to join us on the air, all repeaters are open. Auto-refresh id list of c4fm repeaters with sorting capability Lee County Repeaters. 1700- 110. 52 MHz. > Mp es el número distortion produced in a wide-band communication repeater. It's been used by ARES and SKYWARN from time to time, and fills important territory. Tom died in a motor vehicle accident, Tom's brother Brooks told me there were was always on duty when it came to ham radio repeaters and frequency data. New England Repeater Directory (NERD) is the most accurate and up to date amateur radio repeater database available in our region. 6 MHz): CTCSS: 82. 2 METRE (ANALOGUE VOICE) coverage. In Part 1, I describes the Icom IC-V80 Sport radio and May 06, 2014 · Hey, Why Can’t I Access the Repeater? One question we often hear from new hams (and maybe some not-so-new hams) is “why can’t I get into the repeater?” They get their hands on a new radio, set it up to use one of the local repeaters and it’s not working. Repeater Maps category is a curation of 13 web resources on , VK Repeater Map, Visual UK Amateur Radio Repeater Map, Repeaters database on Google Maps. FUSION KB4UT, 146. ¿Has comprado en Proyecto 4? Danos tu opinión   pegada al cuerpo (3-5 mm), y la otra antena a 2 m, con potencia de transmisión de 18 Parent ME, Sadetzki S, Woodward A, Brown J, Chetrit A, Figuerola J, Health effects of living near mobile phone base transceiver station (BTS)  Informamos que la HAM RADIO 2020 que iba a tener lugar del 26 al 28 de junio en Friedrichshafen (Alemania) no tendrá lugar. 2M Enter a Locator here and calculate distance in. David WA4IZG sent me a note saying that the repeater is indeed in Butner, is carrier access, and is open  2 Jun 2018 Louisville Area Repeater Directory, Louisville Amateur Radio Ham Radio Repeaters, Southern Indiana Repeater Directory, Kentuckiana Repeater Directory. PARC frequencies: 146. 600 MHz: RX: 145. All other repeaters are on the air and ready for your use! THE REPEATER STATUS INFORMATION WILL BE UPDATED AS NECESSARY. The OARC currently separates new co-channel repeaters by approximately 100 miles from existing Ohio and out-of-state repeater systems. I've spent most of my 2m time tinkering with SSTV and PSK31 with a friend. 10 Your assistance with this project to make information available to hams travelling in South Africa is greatly appreciated. K4SCL, Woody was the original trustee and the “daddy” of the SPARC repeaters on 2M and 220 MHz. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U. People use them. 540 -100kHz C 77. 440/70cm Reference maps showing Arizona Repeaters on 6, 2 , & 1. 25 Meters 70, 33, & 23 Centimeters Bands AzRepeaters. – 2m SEARC Net – W0ZWY 2m (146. (blank): The exact status of many systems is unknown, particularly on the 440 MHz band. Membership Application By-Laws Repeater Directory by Frequency Repeater Directory by City Repeater Directory by Region by Frequency No protection is guaranteed from similar repeaters that may commence operation. 25m, and 70cm) . David WA4IZG sent me a note saying that the repeater is indeed in Butner, is carrier access, and is open to ARES use whenever needed. , after I entered them. 375 MHz – This is the KA4ELN repeater, located near the 147. net freq: ofs: st: city: call: mode: code in out: status: county: irlp: echo: links/comments: last update: 145. Coverage is very good. 390 N4NEQ APRS – Sweat Mt 144. It gives an idea of density and locations of System Fusion activity in the US. Please submit any confirmed We have a lot of working repeaters in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. When the RF hits a repeater tower, it gets retransmitted to more towers. Many of the machines are not very active. There's been an uptick in APRS since I brought it up at a club meeting a year ago but it's really just me and two other guys. the desired coverage radius; This reveals to us the concept most repeater users sit at distances where the required elevation angle is very low. The listings are a reflection of each system's true status, regardless of their coordination*. The  6m and 2m Repeaters are included in the 'VHF' maps. And we seem to constantly be fixing lightning damage. New antennas are planned for the near future. Device of Ender’s Game. 25 Meter; 6 Meter; 23CM; 33CM. 33,0. Show Offline Repeaters. There are 753 Ohio repeaters in the database. 285 WA4IOB Snellville 2w 144. As such, these are usually high locations like towers, hills, buildings. Replace the default Widgets with a Widget of your choice from the WordPress Dashboard menu. This download updates your Icom ID-31, ID-51 (All versions), ID-5100, ID-7100, and Kenwood TH-D74 list of repeaters used by the Near Repeater function. The Club does not operate a 440MHz repeater at this time. This should give excellent coverage of the capital city and will be a great addition to the digital network in Ireland. Oct 07, 2019 · I've tried many repeaters in the Goodyear/Buckeye area and so far have not heard a peep or a response to my CQ on any 2m or 70cm repeater. DMR-MARC The Motorola Amateur Radio Club TRBO DMR Network Atlanta Area 2m Repeater List Radio Nets VHF Beacons & Etc ARRL General 2 Meter Band Plan Daily 144. e. 3600+ DGTL Washington W3AGB OPEN 147. The dues are $10 per repeater. This is a searchable database and supports Android, iPhone & web based browsers. This page contains a map of Alabama counties followed by a table of known repeaters and associated Amateur Radio Clubs in Alabama. 460 MHz, -1600 KHz offset with a PL of 110. 29 machine to a 250' tower located near Goltry, OK. A complete list of IRLP nodes available in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland appears below. It is an admittedly subjective list and comments are welcome. The repeaters owned by radio clubs tend to be more active and usually are up. VK3RGI Mt Carrajung (GPS) 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm 6cm, 3cm. Feb 02, 2019 · Bishop Amateur Radio Club located high in the Eastern Sierras. Links to the Intermountain Intertie via Idaho repeaters. Outside of the Sunday net, that maybe lasts 15 minutes, I've got five or so repeaters that are dead quiet. Please do not dump a list of repeaters obtained elsewhere on the internet. An asterisk (*) against the channel number, denotes that the repeater operates in dual mode - analogue and digital. List any open Amateur radio repeaters you know to be on the air in Houston, TX here. 880… Amateur Radio Repeaters in Minnesota From The RadioReference Wiki. If you have these programs to program your radios, you can pull repeater information from the website directly to program to program your radio. Search this site. To use the DMR capable repeaters in DMR mode, you have to access it using radios that are capable of the Digital Mode Radio mode of operation, following necessary profiles to activate the repeater. 125MHz (the Input). YOU know your area. Our Neighbors. 180 MHz – This is the WD4DES 2-meter repeater located on Bean 147. Calendar Repeaters. 470 MHz, 146. 0) and 448. Repeaters - again these are kind of like Dr. 275 MHz. Amateur Repeater Location Maps - Australia Wide . Me da" Ver todas las opiniones. Gone are the days when there were a few repeaters where people gathered to chat about random subjects. Search the site and find repeaters Maine (148) · Maryland ( 205) 29 Sep 2015 Getting started with ham radio repeaters, how to set your radio to communicate and how to use a repeater. Emergency Service Repeaters. 940 MHz. All repeater information is taken directly from the latest version of the Wireless Institute of Australia’s Repeater Directory (191212). The 70cm and 6m repeaters are unaffected. com is a two-way radio community featuring a repeater directory which lists information about repeaters in the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) and a forum for users to ask questions and get help with two-way radio questions. 17 Dec 2015 Enough activity on local 2m repeaters to keep me interested, but my And have got it hitting at least one digital repeater nearby, have had  Toggle navigation. Ham radio has changed over the past few decades, especially on 2M and 440 repeaters. charleston 442. Call, Location, QTHR, Band, Channel, Output, Input  Access tones like the 1750 Hz common in Europe are not generally required for US repeaters. Location, Frequency, Tone, Notes. If there are any changes that need to be made to the list please let me know by submitting the info on the form at the bottom of the page. In this section. These are open repeaters, in that we encourage their use by all licensed HAM radio operators. 2, AARC Repeater with morning traffic net. 180MHz repeater. Nov 02, 2019 · The Enid ARC moved their 145. The repeaters are operated by their local trustees and the network that connects them together does not interfere with the local use of the repeaters. The philosophy behind band planning is that it assigns frequencies for certain activities in such a way that all current users can practice the various modes of amateur radio with a minimum of mutual interference. My mobile rig can hit most of the repeaters within 25 miles of me here. - the 220 MHz band; The two meter repeater requires a tone squelch signal(PL) of 103. Authorized use requires Part 90 certified Radios. 850 51. He remained trustee until March 31, 1986. It makes it easier to print out. Clicking pins on the map will display additional information including input and output frequencies, tone, location and call. Frequency, 145. On VHF, we feed a Decibel Products DB 224 that was donated to the Club. biz. The Northern Colorado ARC operates 9 repeaters. For example: GB3DA, the Danbury repeater, transmits on 145. This is a standard 600kHz negative offset. Welcome! Announcements. These are located at: 146. See the weekly nets page for more information. 9 Corvallis Baker W7NYW OPEN * Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) is also known as Tone, Private Line (PL), Channel Guard, Quiet Channel, Call Guard, etc. 255 MHz was taken off the air, and an Icom D Star repeater was installed. - the two meter band; 224. 1. The amplitude of the signal from the 2m VHF repeater has suddenly decreased dramatically, probably on the order of 50%. Click on the c4fm repeater on the map to get information. Join Katie WY7YL on her tour of one of our Ham Radio Outlet flagship Superstores in beautiful Plano, Texas. The data represents the repeaters frequency, offset,   Amateur radio repeater database for ham repeaters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Don't forget to add two meter simplex frequencies. Louisiana Repeater Directory - Updated August 11, 2016 - Artsci Publishing Local Alexandria Repeaters Northwest Repeaters - Shreveport area LOUISIANA REPEATER COUNCIL DIRECTORY - Best site for all Louisiana repeaters sorted by City, Region and Frequency - Updated on a regular basis by Kevin Thomas W5KGT - LA Repeater Coordinator. Parc & Affiliated Repeaters. W8UM/R 2m Repeater. These repeaters rarely reach the Triangle area. : Digi's, Beacons, Gateways, access tones etc. The W8UM/R repeater is a highly reliable and capable 2m FM repeater, accessible throughout much of southeastern lower Michigan. PAPA Amateur Ham Radio DSTAR Analog Repeater System Southern we are hopeful that we will be able to resume our regular meetings in the near future. I - Internet. Extremely weak. Other Amateur Radio Frequencies Some Amateur Radio Repeaters Some Amateur Radio Nets. 110 - NJ: Farmingdale: N2MO: 127. 2019 Annual Dues Notice. Butler. The Poole area is well covered by 2m and 70cm voice repeaters. Repeaters recommended for use by nearby highway. Behind numerous mountains. I do not list repeaters that I know are truly closed. Oddly enough, that is what got me searching. Davidsonville, 147. Open full screen to view more. Also explains how a repeater works. 600 Mhz  The 2m and 70cm repeaters are located on the top of the Maleny Range and on Laguna Lookout at Noosa. Australia has a network of 30 C4FM digital repeaters. Ubniquiti Cable UOC 0. a user contributed this information on D-Star repeaters in April 2015. Ham may have to go. 105+, 107. All Oregon Repeaters by County and Call Freq. 50,0. ? I assume 70cm and 2m are the most popular? What do you suggest? I currently live in San Diego, CA. 333 Repeaters, 190 Sites, 54 Visual Links, 32 Coverage Maps. Louisville and Kentuckiana Ham Repeaters Use this page to find an Amateur Radio repeater near you in the Louisville, Kentucky, area. The amount of the dues has not changed since they were last collected. We think we are pretty good at it. W4ZBB Playground Amateur Radio Club - Dedicated to Ham Radio Activities In And Around Fort Walton Beach, Florida - Repeaters Page Lastly, if you have questions this week prior to Saturday, please email me at secretary@wi-repeaters. I only entered freqs that were said to be near the roads I was driving. Shows repeaters that are not in service, or missing repeaters. If you know of any other repeaters you want added please contact Webmaster Id list of C4FM repeaters of the world. Repeaters allow communicating over greater distance than direct (simplex) contacts on 2M, especially when you are using a hand-held radio. We will evolve this list as we get more input. Australian C4FM ham radio repeater map. The Yellowstone Radio Club is authorized use of State of Montana Mutual Aid GOLD channel frequency 153. The reasoning for this is that during normal VHF/UHF FM operating, radio amateurs are tuned to a specific frequency and will easily hear a call on FM. Richmond's first digital voice repeater went on the air on January 28, 2008 when the W4FJ analog repeater on 147. Many of Aug 19, 2011 · Repeaters: How to Find Them & Repeater Offset/Shift. HAM RADIO REPEATERS IN HOUSTON, TX. 030 minus CTCSS 107. 2m Analogue Repeaters. 01- Tone of 173. Area Amateur Radio Repeaters. 31 MHz. 71mHz, and output of 145. Designates a repeater that can be linked to other repeaters, users, and systems using “Voice Over Internet Protocol” (VOIP). 1500+ 100 Lime, Lime Hill Baker K7OJI OPEN 145. Weekly 2-meter repeater nets are held on the K2AA repeater every Monday night at 8PM. Here is the latest WB4GBI repeater news: The WB4GBI 146. Latest updates to the data base. D-Star Amateur Radio Systems, your source for D-Star Digital Amateur Radio Missouri Repeater Council, Inc. UK 144MHz Band Plan. Example in TX where I I have priority set up as Cell, Ham, XM. Dayton Area Repeaters This is a partial list; however, it will give you some idea of the repeaters in the Dayton area. Opiniones de clientes. 6 MHz, +5  Ipswich has a 2 meter repeater that is open to all licensed amateur radio operators to use. Jun 30, 2013 · First, I’ll make a few comments on FM repeaters. Louisville Area Repeater Directory, Louisville Amateur Radio Repeaters, Kentucky Amateur Radio Repeaters, Louisville Ham Radio Repeaters, Kentucky Ham Radio Repeaters, Southern Indiana Repeater Directory, Kentuckiana Repeater Directory Sep 18, 2012 · The Frederick Amateur Radio Club operates two repeaters (2M and 70cm) offering good coverage in Frederick City and parts of Frederick County, and operating under the Club’s K3ERM callsign. If you spot any errors in the repeater directory, omissions or inactive repeaters you can let us know about it by using the contact page. In most communities, the local Ham radio operators own and maintain repeaters on the 2-meter band, which assists their communications by increasing the distance that they can communicate with each other while still maintaining the quality of an FM transmission. 000 minus split, that links out to the 147. Browse our line of two way radio repeaters. Louisiana Repeater Directory - Updated August 11, 2016 - Artsci Publishing Local Alexandria Repeaters Northwest Repeaters - Shreveport area Northern NY Net. 25 Meters 70, 33, close to as accuracy of a list with fluid real time data as AzRepeaters. Important Changes to the listing Jul 01, 2013 · In this series of Ham Radio videos, I'll show you how to program a 2M HT to get on the air along with some of the basics of 2M FM operating. etc. 375 SX CECIL JR. This is a list of repeaters and internet connected repeaters. Wide Area Coverage. com SEARC Operates the W0ZWY & W0FSD repeaters in the Sioux Falls area, along with supporting repeaters run by the South Dakota Link. 05 146. VK3RTS Victoria area wide 10. The blue traces detail the percentage of coverage areas vs. Schedule-2 of the Ofcom licence conditions includes a restriction on unattended use near Scarborough. 2 meter; 70CM; Intertie; SDARC Sinbad; 1. Box 1428 Burbank, CA 91507 (818) 843-4080 Voice Jul 01, 2017 · Yes, but I live in a very rural area and the repeaters that are active are all part of large linked networks. Clubs and Individuals may pay there dues on-line by clicking on the “Pay Now” button on the left side. The RSGB Board Liaison member is Dr Kamal Jit Singh, M0IOV Please note that RSGB ETCC members can also be contacted using (their callsign)@ukrepeater. This list includes W6NWG repeaters operated by PARC and other repeaters open to use by PARC's members. Frequency Tone Location County Call Use 145. northwest of Enid. For a more complete listing for Northern California , check out this link to narcc. This includes repeaters participating in systems such as IRLP, EchoLink, E-QSO, WIRES, etc. Repeater Guidelines; Our Repeaters. 2m repeaters near me

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