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Find Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale on Pets4You. Welcome to D and D's Dandy Doodles . Your dream Aussiedoodle puppy. Our strict policies ensure our  Aussiedoodle and mini Aussiedoodle Puppies for Sale. Bravo is our newest Breeding Male. Best family dog breed. Many Aussiedoodle dog breeders with puppies for sale also offer a health guarantee. BestAussiedoodles. The Toy Aussiedoodle is generally are agile, playful and sharp dog. While these breeds on their own are incredibly smart, the hybrids combine the best features of their parents. Aussiedoodles love everyone and will be the most popular dog in the neighborhood. Aussiedoodles are extremely smart and love to learn! They require a moderate amount of exercise; although we have some who just want to be couch potatoes! "Brain games" and training are a fun and effective way to bond with your Aussiedoodle and keep them happy and content! The Mini Aussiedoodle is also very intelligent and can be trained for competitions and dog shows. Triple Cross Doodles are dedicated breeders of Aussiedoodle puppies. We work together raising the best Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle and Australian Mountain Doodle puppies available. She is a blue merle, she stands 18 inches @ her shoulder weighing in @ 27 pounds…making her the perfect moyen size. Incredibly smart, playful, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. She enjoys being close to you at all times. The crossbreed is loved for of its good looks, loyalty and intelligence. Our lines go back to the original lines that began in Australia over 20 years ago. Apr 06, 2018 · Finding a responsible dog breeder is important, but it's not an easy task. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Mark Manfield is a huge fan of Aussiedoodles and a dedicated animal lover and dog owner who has years of experience advising on all aspects of your dog's care from breeders, adoption and rescue, raising, feeding, care, temperament, health, and having the best possible experience with your dog. 13 Dec 2018 This handy guide will also provide the best dog crate size for this breed. She is as beautiful as her mom, Rayna Jane. What’s important is that you find a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder who can do tests and certifications to rule out health problems and be honest about the health issues commonly seen in these dogs. com seeks to provide top quality Aussiedoodles of excellent health, looks, and temperament to well-matched forever homes in the The cost to buy an Aussiedoodle varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Apr 01, 2019 · When you get a F1 AussieDoodle, you can be assured there is no "in-breeding" or "line breeding" in your puppy, and you will get the best of both dogs, both Poodle and Aussie. This is usually the standard amount of time for all dog breeds, and this ensures that you can spend a long time with your best friend. Best Aussiedoodle Breeders focuses on family raised, home raised puppies that are well-socialized. Aussiedoodle Dog This hybrid is a good family dog; getting on well with all those young  Avoid serious health problems when looking for an Aussiedoodle puppy. Buy two top quality dogs with the best genetic lines. The multi-gen Aussiedoodle breeders, however, boast that breeding to create an "official" Aussiedoodle purebred is the way to go and that the F1b, F2, etc. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. S. Why should you get your new AussieDoodle puppy from AwesomeDoodle? Because you want a good dog who will be happy and healthy and your family’s side kick for years to come. Important factors that determine the price of a Miniature Aussiedoodle include the reputation of the breeder, puppy’s history, vaccination details, and gender. com – Classifieds across Florida. Due to their athleticism,  A complete and up-to-date list of Aussiedoodle breeders in the US. They love being with people and need to live in the house, never exclusively outdoors. They are sweet, outgoing dogs who are full of life! The Aussiedoodle  Breeder of Aussiedoodles & Bernedoodles located in SLC, Utah | Family raised & health certified | Specializing in Standard & Minis in Tricolor & Merle. At North Texas Doodles, we strive to raise the perfect companion: healthy puppies with gorgeous looks that will be happy, life long members of your family. But there’s no need to pay big bucks for an Aussiedoodle. 25-70 lbs. May 25, 2018 - Explore Coffman17's board "Aussiedoodle", followed by 189 people on Pinterest. Mini Aussiedoodles come in a variety of colors, which include blue merle, red merle, red tricolor and black tricolor. Please start   We are a Sheepadoodle, Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle, Cavapoo and Cavachon breeder with over 10 years experience. Our Aussiedoodle puppies for sale are sure to become a big part of your family life! Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in central Illinois. We are committed to raising excellent puppies and making lasting friendships with our new owners. 168 likes. We breed the best Doodle puppies  3 Apr 2019 Owning a Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix: Care Guide. Mini Aussiedoodles! Lancaster Puppies has mini Aussiedoodle puppies for sale! We pair mini Aussiedoodle breeders with you. This page is dedicated to all my litters that are currently on the ground and the ones that we're expecting. Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Pa, Indiana plus other states!Find your new Aussiedoodle puppy here on Lancaster Puppies. They crave companionship and family time and therefore do not like being left alone for long periods. If you’re interested in an Aussiedoodle or mini Aussiedoodle pup available on this page, please submit a completed inquiry below. Opening your heart and home to a crossbreed is like opening a beautifully wrapped package on your birthday: you never know what’s going to be inside. Upcoming AussieDoodle Puppy Litters Click here to see available mini, toy and standard AussieDoodle Puppies for Sale. org offers information on dog breeds, dog ownership, dog training, health, nutrition, exercise & grooming, registering your dog, AKC competition events and affiliated clubs to help you discover more Find Aussiedoodles for Sale in Tampa on Oodle Classifieds. Mini, Standard or Toy Size AussieDoodle Puppy from AwesomeDoodle. Aussiedoodle breeder, Aussiedoodle breeders, Red Merle Aussiedoodle, Blue Merle Aussiedoodle, Utah Aussiedoodles. Which produces the best of both breeds and also has the least amount of health problems. Both parent breeds are renowned for their intelligence, and this is the outstanding characteristic that comes through in their pups. They are also sensitive to training and eager to please, which means they respond best to positive training techniques focused on rewards and praise. The Texas Miniature Aussiedoodles page is for reputable breeders, parents and expecting parents of mini aussiedoodles. Costs involved in owning an Aussiedoodle . The ethical, transparent option for your next furry family member. The best choice for anyone with allergies when it comes to poodle breeds is the AussieDoodle F1B. Toy Sm. Aussiedoodle puppies are adorable, and it’s one of the reasons they are so popular. So reserve yours today! It will be worth the wait! Find local Aussiedoodle puppies aka Aussiepoo • Aussiedoodle dog breeders are listed below alphabetically by state / city. Their network has been extended to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and San Francisco, California. />"Aussiedoodles are my passion and this is the best Aussiedoodle guide I have found. Visit us to learn more! Aussiedoodle Breeders at Pecan Place Poodles & Poos Meet Aussiedoodle Puppy (Pacifica, California). No wonder that the Aussiedoodle is also called the Einstein breed: they are super-smart! A second consideration was to create an animal with a low-shedding coat. Owner recommended Goldendoodle breeders & Labradoodle breeders in Canada, the U. Each of those breeds is considered one of the more intelligent breeds, so crossing the two makes for a super-smart pup! Aussiedoodles are extremely patient, which makes them wonderful for families with small children. Aussiedoodles are companion dogs. AKC. Early socialization and training help your Aussiedoodle puppy grow into a well-adjusted dog. Origin. As long as its health is maintained, it can live 12 to 15 years. 14-23 inches. com earns from qualifying purchases. Red Dirt Doodles & Poodlesis a small family kennel located in the heartland of central Oklahoma. Aug 14, 2017 · It is common practice for breeders to highlight that their Aussiedoodle puppies are 100 percent healthy and has no physical or medical problems. We're proud to be a part of the prestigious Crockett Doodles network--a premier network of family-raised doodle breeders. Use caution when One of the best methods for understanding the characteristics of the Aussiedoodle, is to read both of its ancestors descriptions; taking note of their temperaments, size, and general look. These pups have: Wonderful temperment, non shedding bundles of love. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - aussiedoodle listings. A beautiful combination of Australian Shepherd and Poodle, combining the best of both breeds! Find Aussiedoodle dogs and puppies from Louisiana breeders. Fill out a puppy application here! WE HAVE AUSSIEDOODLE and BERNEDOODLE PUPPIES! Shady Oak Doodles is made up of multiple families who all love the Doodle breed. Some Aussiedoodle puppies for sale may be shipped Worldwide and include crate and veterinarian checkup. Dec 02, 2019 · Both Cockapoos and Aussiedoodles are energetic dogs but the Aussiedoodle especially, is in a league of its own when it comes to vigour. Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Utah, Aussiedoodle breeders in Utah. The Aussiedoodle is a hybrid breed that is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. We wish everyone continued health and safety. familiarize yourself with what the recommended   a network of families passionate about being the best doodle breeders in the These include Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles,  Their smaller size and sweet disposition make them great companions as well as therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. Mini AussieDoodle Puppies For Sale. Exactly what we expected as her parents are Hoda and Nikon now retired. We are dedicated in providing your family the best in pet and puppy companionship. We are within driving distance to all metro Atlanta areas and the Southeast. To see pictures of any puppies actually available, please visit our website. Rue is an F1 Aussiedoodle from Rylla and Enzo who shows the best of both breeds. The Aussiedoodle is a medium sized, extremely fluffy and almost indecently cute breed of designer dog created by crossing an Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. Aussiedoodles. A tiny Aussiedoodle only grows to be 6-12 pounds while a mini grows to 15-35 pounds. This means, for people who work long hours, the Mini Aussiedoodle might not be the best choice for you as they require a lot of attention. The Mini Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed, the result of a deliberate mating between two different breeds. We only allow approved homes and always offer a 2 year health guarantee. Original Purpose: The Toy Aussiedoodle is a great companion for the entire family. Our use of guardian homes allows us to produce top quality dogs that are well- socialized and loved in a home setting. re local breeders, rather than googling. Read more. You could shell out anywhere from $700 to $2,500, but make sure your breeder of choice is reliable, reputable, and knowledgeable. We are a busy family and we try our best to keep this website up-to-date and respond to your requests as soon as we are able. This inquiry is only for puppies that are presented on this page. Their sweet, lovable personality make the Aussiedoodle a great friend of children and other animals as well. " , miniature aussiedoodle breeders, aussiedoodle The American Kennel Club believes that good breeders will only raise their pets with the sole intention to breed high-quality Aussiedoodle puppies. This author interviewed, and included, info from many prominent #aussiedoodle breeders (me being just one of many) and actually included a LOT of breed specific info. In the late 1980s, when Labradoodles became all the rage and set the trend for crossbreeds. 24 hour HonestDoodleTV access,  We are the Wisemans and we breed Aussiedoodles! that are best suited to their lifestyles and offer support throughout the life of the puppy. Please be careful when searching for an Aussiedoodle puppy online. Aussiedoodles have a medium to high energy level and are best for those who live an active lifestyle. adorable, aussiedoodle, bernadoodle, bernedoodle, apricot, best goldendoodle breeders, black, california, cavapoo, chocolate, cockapoo, coral gables, cream Jun 7, 2017 - The best AussieDoodle Puppies, from the best AussieDoodle Breeders. Take a look at Barksdale Labradoodles' current litters of Labradoodle puppies for sale and find your new furry best friend today! Breeders for Sale. Breeders Available for Sale *None of the above Barksdale Australian Labradoodles are available as Pets and are only available as Potential Best Cavapoos provides family-raised Cavapoos of outstanding health, temperament and looks to well-matched families. Welcome to Plendl Poodles and Doodles We specialize in top quality Standard Poodle and Aussiedoodle puppies for loving families. Our Aussiedoodle breeders combine the train-ability, willingness to please the herding dog with the outgoing, non-shedding poodles. Hi Chandra! Just thought I’d check in with you and send you a professional pic I just had taken to update my website and show that Bear is now a part of my therapy practice. This often makes them highly trainable. Both of the breeds used to create Aussiedoodles are considered to be canine Einsteins, making this one super smart cross-breed. Considered to be a generally hearty breed, this hypoallergenic designer dog is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. Select HERE for WAITING LIST FOR SUMMER 2020 MINI AUSSIEDOODLE LITTERS! PRICE: $2,000. The Aussiedoodle is the super-clever hybrid produced by crossing the Poodle with the Australian Shepherd. Breeders for Sale. Aussiedoodles come in tiny, mini, and standard sizes. Each one will have their own unique and individual markings, which is one of the best things about this hybrid. Northwestaussiedoodle the best place to find your aussiedoodle puppies the smartest of the doodle breeds the perfect spot to find your fun loving companion. I’ve worked hard to streamline my service so that Pecan Place stands out among Aussiedoodle breeders. Low-non shedding and hypo-allergenic. It is a popular dog and so prices range widely as breeders compete and try to suggest their superior methods are worth spending thousands on a mixed dog. , do not possess the problems that the so-called purists purport. net. Will be vet checked dewormed and first set of shots. Aussiedoodle puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in Florida, FL. You will  I don't know a ton about good Aussiedoodles breeders, but the advice I give to anyone looking for a puppy is to. You want a puppy from a breeder who will be there for you, and this is a service AwesomeDoodle provides. It gives you a great insight on your responsibilities as an Aussiedoodle owner. " He prayeth best who loveth best All things both great and small; For the dear Lord who loveth us  Proudly Breeding Australian Multigenerational Labradoodles in Greensboro, NC. Our parent dogs come from some of the best Australian Shepherd and Border Collie lines What should I expect from my new Aussiedoodle puppy? Expect an energetic, affectionate puppy who also excels at learning—both of the Aussiedoodle’s parent breeds are known as geniuses of the canine world. The Miniature Aussiedoodle combines the hypo-allergenic Miniature Poodle with the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Hypoallergenic dog breeds. Best Bernedoodle Breeders: (South Carolina, USA) Best Bernedoodle Breeders are based in Greenville, South Carolina. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Get your doodle now. Mini Labradoodle puppies seek to combine the best of Labrador retrievers and Poodles for a non-shedding small dog with a lot of personality. We never ship puppies, but we will hand deliver them to appropriate families. Bella has beautiful, soft, wavy coat. com gives many more pictures and details. The Aussiedoodle is an intelligent, active dog with an even disposition; they are good natured, seldom quarrelsome. The origin of the Miniature Aussiedoodle is unclear, but that’s true for the majority of designer dog breeds. Furthermore, Rob and Aimee have been running their own kennel called “  Breeder of Aussiedoodles. Also known as an Aussie-Poo or AussiePoo. Learn About the Breeds. If you're looking for an Aussiedoodle breeder, you've come to the right place. Since 2003, Dixie’s Doodles has provided families with wonderful Australian Labradoodle puppies. with quality and champion pedigrees and seeking the best outcome in our Labradoodles & Aussiedoodles are a combined hobby between several of our  The designer dog trend took off over the last 10 or so years, when breeders decided to breed the “best” traits out of a specific breed, and make a new breed that  Discover ideas about Aussie Doodle Puppy. Aussiedoodles are a cross between the incredibly intelligent Australian Shepherd (Aussies) and the equally intelligent and non-shedding Poodle. The Aussiedoodle, also known as the Aussiepoo, is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale. Welcome to Abounding Grace Doodles! Premier Doodle breeder in the Atlanta area of exceptional English Goldendoodles and stunning Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd/Poodle). Standards grow up to be 40-70 pounds. The Aussiedoodle is a sweet and caring dog bred by combining the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. We have been in business for 25 years, breeding dogs for over 50 years. My passion for animals in general, and this breed in particular, makes me an informed partner to have on your side when you’re looking for well-bred, well-tempered, and well-socialized pets. Located in Ganbury, TX near Dallas Fort Worth. The Aussiedoodle can cost anywhere from $700 to $2500. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Her red Merle colors are gorgeous. Aussiedoodle Haven in Grass Lake, Michigan is home to our family pets, Aussiedoodles Riley, Gretchen, Gracie Mae, Sassy, Lucy Lou ,Sugar Bear, McCoy, Oreo, Bertie and Ernie This article compares Goldendoodle vs Aussiedoodle. It is a great place to raise puppies. We breed both Toy and Mini Aussiedoodles that are first generation cross from purebred Poodles and Toy or Miniature Australian Shepherds. Your Aussiedoodle was bred first and foremost to be a companion dog, and they excel in homes with lots of love and affection. These breeders would make sure that all pets receive the best quality homes and socialization. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here. Most people get addicted to watching their aussiedoodle puppy on our l ive 24/7 puppy camera which is available from approximately 10 days- 4. Know to ask Finding a good breeder is more important than finding the right puppy. I love how practical, well-written and straight forward this book is. The Aussiedoodle breed is a gorgeous combination of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Because the Aussiedoodle has a tendency to follow people around and even become needy, it is best to get the crossbreed used to sharing the attention as a puppy. Welcome to Rosewood Kennel Breeder of Top Quality European English “Teddy Bear” & American GoldenDoodle Puppies. However, many breeders state that the average weight of an Aussiedoodle full grown is around 25 to 70 pounds. Throughout the year, we have different litters of Standard Poodles, Bernedoodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Aussiedoodles, Newfypoos and Newfoodles available and will post them as soon as we are able. Aussiedoodles have a moderate to high activity level. We proudly breed Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles, best-known for their intelligence, loving and comical natures with the added bonus of being allergy friendly with low/non-shedding coats! What more could anyone want in a pet? These pups are whelped in our home from the finest quality of bloodlines. At Aussie Doodle Acres we’re very proud to raise only authentic multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, one of today’s newest and most exciting breeds. The average price of a Miniature Aussiedoodle can range from $600 to $1800 USD depending on the pedigree of the parents. Color(s). Please note that if you are unable to pickup your puppy by 9 weeks, there is a $10 per day or $50 per week fee. Just a short drive to the beach community of Goderich. Available Aussiedoodle Pups from Best AussieDoodles. Aussiedoodle Breeders In Arizona (AZ) King Family Ranch Phoenix, Arizona. 5 weeks of age. You should never buy a puppy based solely on price. We're dedicated to raising the best Mini Aussiedoodle and Mini Border Doodle puppies for your family. This breed inherits the desirable qualities of both parents- hypoallergenic, intelligent, social, and energetic. We are a small in home breeder of health and temperament tested, low shedding - Aussiedoodles. The Aussiedoodle is known for being an intelligent crossbreed. We are a small breeder located in Londonderry, New Hampshire. World Famous breeders specializing in Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. An Aussiedoodle is a designer dog. Aussiedoodles are the best addition to an active family home. We are breeders of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota and available for shipping or delivery to other states as well. 02! Jul 13, 2017 · The Aussiedoodle is a well-known cross breed of the Poodle and the miniature Australian Shepherd. Most Aussiedoodles enjoy swimming, going on hikes, and excel in agility. Aussiedoodles are a very popular  9 Apr 2019 An Aussiedoodle is a cheerful and energetic cross breed between the AKC, a good breeder should have the parents registered with the AKC. Our dogs live in our home as part of our family where we strive for them to be happy, well socialized and healthy so they can pass these wonderful qualities onto their puppies. If you're looking for an active, affectionate addition to your family that is super smart, the Aussiedoodle is a popular "designer" breed, a cross between the Standard Poodle or Miniature Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. We are committed to breeding healthy, intelligent, and trainable puppies that are born on our family-owned farm where the puppies have acres of land to run, play, and socialize with other animals. Best Labradoodle The Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. I have mini aussiedoodle puppies for sale just a few times a year. Bella is friendly and loving. Our Mini Aussiedoodle and Bordoodle puppies are wonderful hybrids with exceptional temperaments and amazing characteristics. Dunno if that helps but thats my 0. Cute puppies sell, and that makes the Aussiedoodle a favorite of puppy mills and greedy, irresponsible breeders. A crossbreed will combine the best of both breeds! We are a Sheepadoodle, Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle, Cavapoo and Cavachon breeder with over 10 years experience. The Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Aussiedoodle, Aussiedoodle puppies. The Aussiedoodle is an even-tempered, friendly dog who are becoming a popular companion dog. Visit our websites to see why our pups are  Aussiedoodle's do best with a securely fenced yard where they have ample room to run. We offer Aussiedoodle puppies the hybrid cross of an Australian shepherd with a Poodle or Goldendoodle. C ovid - 19 Update: Visits and puppy travel are still available for you to receive a puppy at this time. We are located just under an hour north west of Kitchener, two hours west of Toronto and an hour north of London in beautiful Huron County. While sometimes the waitlist seems long, people have the best intentions for choosing a puppy from the next available litter sometimes people move on or have unforeseen circumstances or decide to wait a litter or two before they choose The first Aussiedoodle breeders wanted to combine the cleverness of the Australian shepherd and the normal poodle. If you are looking for bicolor or tri-color Bernedoodles, Best Bernedoodle Breeders are the right choice for you. Each smiling furry face at the Acres is directly descended from Australia's Rutland Manor and Tegan Park, where the breeding bloodline of these amazing animals began roughly three decades ago. The current median price of Aussiedoodles in Texas is $1,050. 00 Check out our About Discounts page to be sure you are getting the best price! Puppies from PAIGE (Miniature Australian Shepherd – Dam) and SIRE TBD (AKC Miniature TBD Poodle – Sire): Select HERE for info about Hope Hill Doodles “PAIGE” (Dam) Northwest Aussiedoodles welcomes you to the best place to find the perfect aussiedoodle puppy for you! We Raise the best Aussiedoodles in America. The Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, usually a Standard or Miniature Poodle. They make a great team and will ensure the longevity and prosperity of our kennel. Your best bet is a reputable breeder who can give you the healthiest dog possible. This new puppy is going to be your new best friend. Here are top 40 most reputable dog breeders in the USA that we've ranked based on many different factors. Breed Characteristics: Toy Aussiedoodles tend to be very intelligent, loyal, active and affectionate. 24 hour HonestDoodleTV access, weekly pictures, videos, health/genetic testing & more. The pictures in this ad are of recent Aussiedoodle puppies. See more ideas about Puppies, Dogs and Cute dogs. Her coat was a rich chocolate brown as a puppy and she has silvered to a pretty golden brown. If there's not a breeder near you, you can find a breeder who will ship your puppy to you! Aussiedoodles make outstanding family pets and are generally great with children of all sizes. We start with our health-tested, AKC titled dogs and spend countless hours socializing the puppies - and we offer a 2-year guarantee! Mar 13, 2020 · An F1B- a cross breed of an AussieDoodle with a poodle- will be a good option for people who have moderate allergies. So, if you have planned to get a Mini Bernedoodle puppy and looking for the best Mini Bernedoodle Breeders on the East Coast, you have just landed in the right place. Make sure that Meet Bella, an F1 Aussiedoodle raised from our breeding program. Classified listings from local Aussiedoodle breeders. We breed the best Doodle puppies available! May 11, 2018 · The Mini Aussiedoodle is also very intelligent and can be trained for competitions and dog shows. They are medium in size, very loving, get along well with other dogs and pets in the family and especially love children. That’s not all I offer, though. you do go through an Aussiedoodle breeder, be sure it's a good one. Find the perfect Aussiedoodle puppy for sale in Florida, FL at PuppyFind. These canines are affectionate, intelligent, and protective, so if you are in search of a best friend that will always be at your side, this breed could be your best match. The combination brings out the best in both breeds, we have happy aussiedoodle owners who will vouch for the breed any day. Welcome to Dreamland Doodles: Breeders of Australian Labradoodles We are a home based breeder of MULTIGENERATIONS AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES near Vancouver, British Columbia. Aussiedoodles are quite intelligent, easy to train, and are a perfect pet for those who can't have dogs due to allergies, because they shed little to none at all. A mix of Australian Shepherd and Poodle, the Aussiedoodle is known for their intelligent and affectionate nature. Nov 10, 2016 · To find additional Aussiedoodle dogs available for adoption check: Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, or Louisiana. Aussiedoodle is a hybrid cross between two of the smartest dogs in the world, the australian shepherd and the poodle. We breed healthy puppies, starting with fully organic goats milk, free range chickens and free range eggs. Treat the dogs very well as our family pets. Our dogs love children, other dogs, horses and are well rounded and socialized. Triple Cross Aussies of Texas are breeders of Aussiedoodles and miniature and toy australian shepherds (mini & toy aussies). The Mini Aussiedoodle, also sometimes referred to as a Miniature Aussiepoo, is a smaller version of the larger Aussiedoodle. Breeder of Aussiedoodles. We are a small kennel located in the Midwest just 1 hour from MN, NE and SD border. Review how much Aussiedoodle puppies for sale sell for below. Or check out the complete list of all Aussiedoodle Rescues in the USA! Find rescues groups dedicated to other dog breeds in Florida: Big Dog Rescues, Small Dog Rescues, Miniature Dachshund, Texas Heeler, or Brussels Cheyenne is a multigen Aussiedoodle out of some of our oldest and best established, proven stock. Raised as a part of our family…until they become a part of yours. Utah dog breeders. Best Cavapoos works with a network of family breeders whose Cavapoos are pets first and foremost. in. Mar 24, 2020 · Most breeders choose the Poodle to be a male because they can come in toy and mini sizes. The following shows moms who will probably be having a litter in the future. When you breed these smaller Poodles to larger breeds, you can get smaller Doodles. The AussieDoodle breeders America trusts to raise their new best friend. Welcome to Hunterberry Hill Labradoodles! Dogs have always been a treasured part of our family and everyday life! After experiencing twelve cherished years with our Labrador Retriever, Barnard, and fourteen years with our beloved Standard Poodle, Ellie, it seemed a natural choice to look into the labradoodle as our next family companion. Find cute Aussiedoodle puppies, dogs, and breeders at VIP Puppies. Best Aussiedoodle Breeders, specializing in tricolor Aussiedoodles and beautiful merle Aussiedoodles. Aussiedoodle Breeders. Premium Network of Goldendoodle Breeders in Florida. Sand Lake Kennels is located just across from the Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge, where the skies are a wide open blue, the air is clear, the birds sing us awake and the coyotes serenade us to sleep. They usually have a soft wavy coat. Call 615-955-0118 today! - Hurricane Creek Doodles Find a Aussiedoodle puppy from reputable breeders near you and nationwide. From the looks of it, both our dogs and our customers are pretty happy with that decision. Breeder Referral Search - The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder. • Please tell the Aussiedoodle breeders with puppies for sale that you found them on BreedersClub. Blue merle, red  Get detailed Miniature Aussiedoodle facts, health, history, appearance, What a great way to create a smaller dog with the same character and keen to other smaller purebred Aussie pups, enabling the breeders to carefully create a smaller  Premier Doodle breeder in the Atlanta area of exceptional English Goldendoodles and stunning Aussiedoodles (Australian Shepherd/Poodle). We take pride in our puppies by raising high quality, health and well socialized Labradoodles. Dec 08, 2019 · Read Best Mini Bernedoodle Breeders in the US. Rocky is a F1b chocolate merle miniature male. These are our breeders, they are NOT FOR SALE. This dog takes some of the best traits from each dog. If you are interested in any of our Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle or Australian Mountain Doodle puppies, please fill out a puppy application prior to contacting us. Click on states or provinces to find the group of recommended breeders. Learn about standards, grooming, training and temperaments of these breeds. 16,195 likes · 106 talking about this. Will be virtually trained for peepad and working on going outside. Visit us now to find your dog. Comprehensive Breeding Program. Mini Aussiedoodle Breeders. Without further ado, let’s find out the best Mini Bernedoodle Breeders on the East Coast below. Transportation available. General Description. Find your new best friend from Good Dog certified breeders and shelters. When looking at some of the most intelligent breeds in the world, some of the most commonly thought of are Poodles, Australian Shepards, and Golden Retrievers. It is of common belief that crossbreeds tend to bring the best, instead of the worst, of both breeds. Aussiedoodle prices fluctuate based on many factors including where you live or how far you are willing to travel. Evolved from a miniature poodle, the Mini or the Miniature Aussiedoodle is a smaller version of this already small dog. This includes food, wormings and vaccines, if needed. Our Aussie puppies are born out of champion stock with lots of early socialization and He has to be one of the best puppies I have ever had! I can tell that you and your family raised him very well. Utah Aussiedoodle breeders. Where Cockapoos will be just as happy cuddling on the sofa, an Aussiedoodle needs plenty of exercise and stimulation. Our pups will make excellent family dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, or trained agility dogs! Aussiedoodle, Shepadoodle, German Shepaussiedoodles, & Cockapoo Puppies & Dogs Double R Doodles is a State Licensed and inspected kennel. aussiedoodle in Florida at AmericanListed. The Best Aussiedoodle Breeders: Your Puppy, The Honest Way Maverick Eli is a red merle large toy/small mini Aussiedoodle, which means he has the merle pattern with all different shades of brown and copper. Phone: 530 The Aussiedoodle is an intentional Poodle hybrid mix between two purebred breeds which is the AKC registered Australian Shepherd and the Poodle and they come in the toy, mini and standard size. READY FOR YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND? WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Please call us with any questions or concerns. Origin The Aussiedoodle is a relatively new breed of designer dog that is in high demand amongst doggo lovers and cuteness enthusiasts. Height. Occasionally sell puppies to well-matched families. She is active and eager, like the Aussie, as well as stately like the Poodle. Price can be an indication towards the quality of the puppies breed lines and the breeders reputation. 00. The Miniature Aussiedoodle is a designer mixed dog breed that is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club. ‎ "Aussiedoodles are one of the most rewarding breeds out there and this guide brings them vividly to life thank you!” Susan Spinger, Minneapolis, MN. Registered breeders Corinna and Ryan #2970 Mom is an f1b aussiedoodle 35lbs Dad a poodle 50lbs Please call i will Also known as the Borpoo, Borderdoodle, Borderpoo, and Border Poodle, the Bordoodle is a fantastic family dog. Some of her puppies might silver out, also. Paws’N’Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Aussiedoodle breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search. com. Puppies are a mix between a standard poodle and a mini australian shepard. We have been doing the Aussie Mountain Doodle (Aussiedoodle x Bernedoodle) cross for over 4 years and are enjoying seeing it's rise in popularity. Mar 26, 2019 · So, your adult Aussiedoodle could range in size from 10 to over 15 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 10 to 70 pounds, depending on if he is a standard, toy, or miniature Aussiedoodle. Aussiedoodle Bible by Mark Manfield is an outstanding, reliable book based on the knowledge of experienced dog owners and professional breeders. Find Aussiedoodles for Sale in Huntsville, AL on Oodle Classifieds. The Aussiedoodle makes a great pet or service dog, and with its outgoing personality, you will never get bored! Miniature/Toy Aussiedoodle. With thousands of Aussiedoodle puppies for sale and hundreds of Aussiedoodle dog breeders, you're sure to find the perfect Aussiedoodle puppy. He is a spectacular Red Merle F1 Aussiedoodle, and is our first producer of F1B Aussiedoodles. This breed originated from an Australian Poodle, but Aussiedoodles are more commonly found in the United States today than in Australia. A great variety to choose from! Murphy's Doodles, Goldendoodle, labradoodle, bernedoodle, bernadoodle, poodle, maltipoo, yorkiepoo, maltese, frenchie, french bulldog, shih tzu, shihpoo, cavapoo Aussiedoodle Dog Breed Information. Our F1 Aussiedoodles are raised on our ranch in Lipan, Texas, where they are a part of our family and daily activities from the moment they are born! Mar 04, 2020 · The best way to do this is by learning as much as possible about different dog breeds, and the one that will be discussed today is the Aussiedoodle. Screened for quality. Our puppies have the sound temperaments that are the hallmark of the Australian Labradoodle. Visit us to learn more! Aussiedoodle Breeders at Pecan Place Poodles & Poos Aussiedoodles (F1) are a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle, which, I feel, are two of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Sadly, Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and other designer dogs are hot commodities for the puppy You can also talk to breed rescue organizations or to breeders to find a new Aussiedoodle puppy to take home. Today we will specifically compare the Goldendoodle vs the Aussiedoodle We found Emma Hope's Aussiedoodles while researching the Aussiedoodle breed online, and after reaching out to several breeders around the mid-Atlantic area and beyond, we were so impressed with Jennifer and David, who take the time to communicate with you, truly care about the families where they place their puppies, and will talk with you on the phone and/or text whenever needed to answer Welcome to the Abounding Grace Doodles' upcoming litter page! Thank you for taking the time to check out the puppies we have here. This way, you can rest assured that Aussiedoodle breeders raising intelligent, puppies in Michigan, specializing in merle, parti, phantom, tri markings. Weight. Aussiedoodle puppies! View our available and upcoming litters. King Family Ranch Website. The Aussiedoodle is a gentle and even-tempered companion, and can be very patient with young children. We are accepting deposits for future litters. They will do best if given daily walks and playtime. When you put two of the smartest dog breeds in the world together you end up with Aussiedoodle Breeders In Alaska (AK) We don’t currently know of any Aussiedoodle breeders in Alaska. The Miniature Aussiedoodle can live quite a long time as long as you look after it the right way. Once your application is approved, we'd love to chat with you about our available Aussiedoodle puppies as well as up coming litters of Aussiedoodle puppies. The Aussiedoodle has a very pleasant personality. Bella and Owen had a beautiful litter last year with blue merles, chocolate merles, cream with lots of white, brown with lots of white and black with lots of white. They are easy to train, exceptionally loyal, full of energy, and come with instinctive herding capabilities. I most highly recommend this book to anybody buying, or just researching for your new Aussiedoodle. An Aussiedoodle can almost read its owner’s mind, which can be both a blessing and a curse! Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale The Aussiedoodle is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle dog breeds. Breeders are competitive, so you can expect the price of an Aussiedoodle to fluctuate with their popularity in the dog world. An Aussiedoodle is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and either a Standard or a Miniature Poodle. I'm casually thinking about a second dog, and a lot of the best information i've received has been from chatting to people at dog parks/on trails etc. Want to see how and where your AussieDoodle Puppy is being raised? Here's why we think we are one of the best Aussie Doodle Breeders and why we think we have the best Mini AussieDoodles. • Click on underlined words to see their Aussiedoodle. . Recommended Aussiedoodle Breeders I Trust… If you’re looking for a Reputable Aussiedoodle Breeder and either we don’t have any available or you can’t find what you’re looking for with us here at Dreamydoodles then, please check out one of these breeders…. Toy Aussiedoodles are very intelligent dogs which makes them highly trainable. , Japan and in Europe. They are smart, friendly and the better of two wonderful breeds. Loving, at home breeder. They will do well in any living situation provided that their needs are sufficiently met. Our best Goldendoodle breeders’ philosophy behind Goldendoodle puppies differs from many other breeders’ philosophy. They may be somewhat reserved in initial meetings. Texas Miniature Aussiedoodles. Fill out an application to bring one of our beloved puppies home today! A good breeder can though ensure the dogs used in breeding are from good lines and have good temperaments themselves. Visit us today to find the right puppy or dog for you. Here at Granite State Labradoodles, Our Family has successfully bred dogs for over nineteen years. Helping you find the perfect puppy and ensuring they grow up happy and healthy. Also, take a look at the breeders who ship puppies. We formed a unique, premium network of the best breeders in order to meet the high demand for our dogs WITHOUT becoming a puppy mill. They are a trusting dog who doesn’t make a good watchdog. Top 10 Facts - Aussiedoodle Breed! 5 Oct 2018 Find Top Rated Breeders in Your Area Therefore, F1b Aussiedoodle = Poodle X F1 Aussiedoodle Aussiedoodle Appearance. I will commit to providing the best possible May 26, 2018 · Like many Poodle crosses, the Aussiedoodle, also known as the Aussiepoo has endeared itself to many with its wonderful slew of desirable characteristics. However, you can also try with other Aussie Doodle breeds since they are almost similar. The first cross of our purebred dogs is called an F1, meaning it's 50% Aussie, and 50% Poodle. Cottonwood Creek Doodles. You can read horror stories about puppy mills with dozens of stacked boxes packed with sickly dogs who never see the light of day. Their coats will be little to non-shedding so they would be the perfect pet for those with allergies. Some breeders proclaim that, due to hybrid vigor, F1 Aussiedoodles are the only crossbreeds that should be produced. Located in Rutherfordton, between Charlotte and Asheville, North Carolina, we are passionate about breeding Aussiedoodle puppies. Cheyenne has big Paws […] Double R Peezee Lg. Aussiedoodles for sale in Texas. It has won recognition from separate dog clubs like like the ACHC and the IDCR. Aussiedoodle Health, Breeders, & More! book online at best prices in India on Amazon. American Ranch Aussiedoodles, Aussiedoodle puppies for sale, Colorado. It is possible that you may find an Aussiedoodle in an animal shelter. 619-471-5183 As an Amazon Associate, TrendingBreeds. Cafe Au Lait Aussiedoodles LLC - Welcome - Mini & Toy Aussiedoodle Hybrid Vigor · Aussiedoodle Colors · Puppy Development Calendar · Breeder vs. Read Aussiedoodle Bible And Aussiedoodles: Your Perfect  Bay Area's Aussiedoodle & Goldendoodle puppies, Mini Goldendoodles for sale Gᴏʟᴅᴇɴᴅᴏᴏᴅʟᴇs aka TEDDY BEAR DOODLES- The Top Smartest family emotional therapy, hypoallergenic doodle pups, as they have brought to us . Cutest AussieDoodle Puppies, reputable Aussie Doodle Breeders raising Mini Standard or Toy Size, Tri Color Blue  Aussiedoodle Breeders in America: Lots of good info on Aussiedoodle dog breed. best aussiedoodle breeders

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