401 winchester load data

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30-40 Krag and . 411-inch Hornady bullets, too. 405 load propelled a 300 grain round nosed bullet at an astounding 2,200 feet per second (3,225 foot pounds of energy)! RELOADING SUPPLIES, POWDERS, PRIMERS, AND MORE. After several attempts of mixing beeswax , crisco lanolin and olive oil I came up with a pretty good lube that still barely sticks to the very shallow bullet groove . If anyone is loading this caliber, I surely would appreciate data. 24 – $ 104. Jun 20, 2017 · How powerful is a . . 500 180gr 40 cal lead bullets for $25. E-mail to Chuck Hawks. 35 WSL is scarce, while information on the loading data for the . 401 Powermag for which the factory loads are EXTREMELY dangerous and no reloading data exists (that I know of) outside the manual written by George Leonard Herter himself. 8 Remington SPC Load Data; 27 Nosler Load Data; 270 Winchester Load Data; 270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data; 270 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 7mm Mauser (7×57) Load Data; 7mm-08 Remington Load Data; 284 Winchester Load Data; 280 Remington Load Data; 7mm Rem Short Action Ultra Hodgdon ®, IMR ® and Winchester ® powders neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data. At $1 a piece, I think this is a good deal. 401 Winchester self loader (1910). It was my grandpa s gun, and then passed onto my dad. 401 Winchester Self-Loading (also called . 401WSL) is an American rifle cartridge. $85 shipped Oct 11, 2009 · The . 444 Marlin it was the most powerful cartridge ever chambered in a lever-action rifle. Need . Drilled new flashholes using a center tool  The Winchester Model 1907 and 1910 rifles chambered in 401 Winchester and 351 Winchester Self-Loading were among the first autoloading rifles sold in the US. Powders include Alliant, IMR Jul 13, 2016 · Then you have Winchester Repeating Arms Co in curser. 224 GNR to In fact we used 375 Winchester brass when we first developed it. Winchester Ammunition manufactures quality, performance rifle ammo for hunting, sport- and recreational shooting. I just inherited a 1910 Winchester . 401 is 1. 401 dies(the . Thoroughly researched, this 312 page book contains over 1,400 full color photographs as well as price and rarity guides in a high quality, hard-cover book with dust-jacket! Stocking levels subject to change. The . We will make an offer to trade or buy them and can also trade for ammo you need. The World's Largest Selection of Bullets. 401 uses a Redding #1 shell holder). 204 SR 204 Ruger . com aol. 22 cal . The 401WSL was more powerful than the 351 WSL and suitable for deer hunting, however, the rifle. 204 SR 218 Bee . Lee Load Data. I don't see a lot of posts on this forum on the . Speer Hot-Cor Flat Nose Bullets are designed for safe use in firearms with tubular magazines. I confirmed that I’d be using regular small pistol primers, and decided to use Winchester Small Pistol since they seem to work great with a variety of loads. 41 – $ 110. If you find a bullet you like cataloged then they should suffice and be much more plentiful though I would imagine some of the better known cast bullet suppliers have bullets specifically for the 38-40. Bullets come in a large number of calibers or diameters, quantity per box, uses, manufacturers and price ranges. 351 WSL. 401 Winchester Self-Loading / . 40 Caliber / 10mm (. All made in the USA and provided with superior customer service. Ken Fisher. Over 60 profiles and grain weights of the shooting industry's Superior Plated Bullets. 401 OAL so the opened up AK case needs just a light trimming once formed. Hi, In Power BI Services, without Row Level Security set, users outside organization can also view the data in shared dashboard successfully even they don’t have access to data source. A firm crimp improves accuracy because pressure must build to a higher level before the bullet begins to move. Lee provides load data in the book "Modern Reloading" by Richard Lee and the load data sheets that accompany the die sets. Both are the same powder. 406 calibre) or swaging . 351 WSL in 1907 for their Model 1907 Autoloading Rifle. Select options; Berrys . This load is meant to replicate old/original ballistic performance of the now obsolete cartridge. 351 and . L. Powders include Alliant, IMR The ammo that came with this Herter's . Every so often there has been a surge in popularity of a given . Evidently these rifles had some sort of following in the day. This demonstrates a clear superior engineered design behind the . For those of you too young to remember, Herter's was a shooting/hunting mail-order supply company located in Waseca, MN, that went out of business 180gr, . 500” Trim-To Length: 1. com Jun 12, 2017 16:13:27 GMT -5 401 PowerMag Load Data America has had an on-again, off-again fondness for the . 401 WSL (Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook) reloading data with 12 loads. 401 Winchester were a couple of rounds put out in the early part of the 20th Century in the 07 and '10 Winchester Self Loading rifles. 401 Winchester Self Loading page 95 Specifications: Bullet Dia Cast: . It’s not a magnum, but not far from it and definitely more powerful than a . Winchester reloading components are custom designed and manufactured to precise specifications in order to deliver specific on target performance. 300 WSM does this with about 14 grains less of powder behind its bullet. for the history of the cartridges discussed as well as their ballistic data. 401 Winchester Self-Loading is an American rifle cartridge. Then, you will be able to view the exact Forster tools and accessories that you need: . 6 grains of Winchester 296, Claybuster HS 410 wad, and Winchester 209 primer. Buy 32 401 Winchester Self Loading ( WSL ) BRASS: GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading Supplies Ammunition Reloading All Oct 11, 2009 · The . 500) and the rim and extractor groove still needs attention. The 1st and ONLY definitive work on cartridge boxes, covering all the calibers for which Winchester cataloged their rifles, from the Volcanic to the Model 88. 41 Remington Magnum Ballistics cartridge. 401 Powermag revolver was loaded with cast bullets loaded on top of stiff charges of Unique. 401 PowerMag. There may be some annealing on the case which can easily be removed by tumbling prior to loading. Special to USA TODAY. Not sure it's pertinent, but also try to add a space after the code, like 401: function() {}, have used the statusCode settings several times without issue, also for 401's so that should work, not sure it works with json though. 36-. Max. 3mm 8mm 32 Remmington 270 Caliber Cal 280 The commercial loading was always a 180 grain bullet. Sep 23, 2010 · Winchester engineers enlarged the . Hmmm, maybe this was a clue as to where those lead deposits came from (Unique is a wonderful cast bullet powder for loads in the 15,000-18,000 psi range, but not so good for magnum level pressures, especially with plain-based cast bullets). ) die sets are in stock. Plus a wide variety of reloading & shooting accessories, and gun . Primer Size 10. 401 Winchester SL SLR WSL (Winchester Self-Loading Rifle) (CIP) Chamber Reamer at Pacific Tool and Gauge Reloading The . Boxer primed cases are made by Winchester,,& others I assume. 401 brass reloaded I wantedtotarget in the 1910 rifle at the range. The one that got away was Herter's . New Fiocchi 401 Winchester Brass (Berdan-primed) I might invest in a small unit for the reloading bench. 401 Herter's Power Mag* $48/100 or $26/50 : 40-50 SS* $46/100 or $25/50 : 40-50 Sharps Bottle Neck* $45/100 or $27/50 : 40-60 Winchester* $48/100 or $27/50 : 40-60 Maynard 1882* $48/100 or $27/50 : 40-63 Ballard (form from 40-90X3 1/4" SS Bertram) $41/20 : 40-65 Winchester*. 38-40 and . Shop online for shotshell and metallic reloading supplies, shooting supplies, metallic The 401 is the big brother to the 351 WSL and was used in the Winchester 1910 Self Loading rifle. Tests demonstrate that even bullets which have no crimp groove will shoot more accurately. 401 WSL and none can beat the $0. 351 SL 33 WCF 348 Winchester 50 Beowulf 38-55 9. 172 SR 20 Tactical . cases by turn rim to . 40-72's 330-grain . Status Code Unauthorized (401)". The answer is below. All of the loads you see have been provided directly from the powder companies as Lee believes they provide the best data. 415 LR 10mm Auto . Aug 14, 2017 · If you've got a pressing financial concern and money in your 401(k), you may be tempted to take the cash out by taking a 401(k) loan. These characteristics vary depending on bullet design. With twenty-three different models from which to choose, the Claybuster Wad Line can satisfy nearly every target or wing shooting application for reloading. Oct 31, 2012 · Always cross-check load data with manufacturer’s published load data before loading. The number of records to skip must be specified for the entire load by using the SKIP parameter on the command line or in the OPTIONS clause. winchester knows bolts. 401) Federal WINCHESTER Hornady remington complete upper Sierra SPEER gun powder Primed Brass American Reloading, 10mm Reloaded load data with chronograph results / QuickLoad predictions. Mar 05, 2020 · Ed Murphy, Empower Retirement, and Tim Seymour, Seymour Asset Management CEO, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss how people are feeling about their 401(k)s amid the market reaction to the coronavirus Hi Experts, I am working on login authentication service where i am trying to get data from oData service. Please call us (208) 263-6953 if you would like to place this item on back order. Ask Question Asked 8 years, 9 months ago. At Gad Custom Cartridges we pride ourselves on being able to supply our customer's needs for unusual or custom developed reloads. formed from 45-70 Remington brass winchester 1910 401 sl, 40% barrel blue, 75% receiver, decent wood with marks and dings and a couple of repaired light cracks in the fore end, decent bore with a little scattered light corrosion, low click for more info The . 401 / 40 180 Grain Flat Point $ 33. 401 WSL OR have a set of . 410" & cut extractor groove. Note the split cases Duke got by shooting the old factory ammo that came with the rifle. Let us know what you have in surplus brass, bullets, molds and reloading dies. 62x39. 401 LP 11x59mm Rimmed French Gras 43 Mauser. 357 Magnum of about 28 years later. Viewed 38k times Bullets for Reloading We offer a great selection of projectiles for reloading. Now, this loveable gentlemen was given to prose so deeply its nigh on to impossible to know just when the real As impressed as hunters were with the . I have gone every route I can think of, setup mygarmin, downloaded the program from garmin website. It is not a collector's reference book by any means – it is  NOW AVAILABLE! GARY REEDER'S GNR CARTRIDGES - A Complete Reloading Manual 401 GNR. Then on the box ends it has a large W in red with 99 5-14 also in red,( I just kinda think the 5-14 might be the date? Home Forums > Ammunition, Gear, and Firearm Help > Handloading and Reloading > 401 Winchester load info for 250g Jacketed Discussion in ' Handloading and Reloading ' started by warhwkbb , Aug 31, 2012 . LEE 401-145 Cast vihtavouri imr hodgdon accurate winchester alliant Anyone reloading the 38-40? This is a discussion on Anyone reloading the 38-40? within the Lever Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; I'm about to run out of my stash of 150 new rounds of ammo. If you shoot it a lot you can buy a swaging die to reduce the diameter of 357 bullets. You can pick up 401 Brass from Buffalo Arms. 356" 115 gr RN 1000/ct Price: $74. 401 . New about $140 USD plus post to Oz. It is a good cartridge for hunting medium sized game such as deer and black bear. You will retain all rights to your material, and full credit will be given for all submissions. 0. 38-40 Winchester SWC= Semi-WadCutter, FMC= Full Metal Case, FMJ= Full Metal Jacket, JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated, means Gas Check at bottom of lead bullet. 406-inch lead bullet to a jacketed . 44 magnum, George developed his . I believe he had the Williams peep sight installed for his hunting endeavors. 2093 Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities including hunting, sport, target and personal defense. Wads; either Claybuster red wad for HS hulls, or Winchester HS wads. Out of stock. LEE 401-145 Cast vihtavouri imr hodgdon accurate winchester alliant 401 Errors on Virtual Directories Causing MAPI Connection Issues (Exchange 2013 SP1) Ask Question Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Why your 401(k) matching contribution matters Today, 77% of employers offer matching contributions through their 401(k) retirement plans. log the returned result to see what status code is actually set in the header. Technical product specifications, submittals, and cut sheets. 38-55 WCF. 40-60 bullets   13 Feb 2014 401 cal), and Mr. Active 11 months ago. 38-40 Winchester: Originated in the 1870's, This cartridge has been around a long time. what the cost would be to have the . . 405 Winchester vs. Discover innovative, accurate, and reliable ammo for rifles, shotguns and handguns. I can be reached at 207 659 6348 or BuckeyeofMaine@aol. 401 Powermag. The widest range of shooting accessories at very competitive prices with products are backed by our customer service & extensive product knowledge. Using bullets from Cast #41028 gas check, Cast #410426 gas check. The 351 might have well been the . Once you place an order it cannot be cancelled or returned for credit. They would need a bit of trimming at 1. The 401 found favor with many hunters as a quick, short-range number for hunting deer and black bear. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on Pistol Bullets from great brands like Hornady, Berger, Nosler, Sierra, Berry's and More! . But I recon with the 351 and 401 there was not much need to market a 375 version. 416 barnes. 303 British, not sure of the year, and the last is the . 500 and trim lenth of 1. These are pistol loads and can be used in a rifle. I have 4 boxes of 401 Winchester Factory ammunition . If we have to backorder expect 90-120 days for delivery. 40 and 10mm cast bullets run around . 405 Winchester is a pretty serious big game cartridge, intended for Winchester's Model 1895 lever-action rifle. 30-40 Krag, they got even more good news when Winchester introduced the . 401 Winchester Self-Loading, which was itself proceeded by the . 30-40 Krag brass), trimmed to a length of 1 7/32 inches, Boser used . 00 PMC Patton and Morgan Corp PMC quality control is governed by the highly sought after ISO Bureau Veritas quality certification standards. 401 / 40 165 Grain Hybrid Hollow Point $ 46. Still plenty of blue in it as you can see. The 401 is one heavy handful to lug about but all that weight is handy when touching off the 250 grainers. It's a Winchester 401 Caliber. By clicking the 'I Agree' button, I understand/accept and will agree to abide by the precautions and warnings outlined above. Jun 28, 2011 · Up for sale is a Winchester Model 1910 SL Semi-Automatic Rifle in . Original question asked on Apr 4, 2012, 10:01am: I'd like to transfer the data I input on my 401 (ie. 401 brass. 40 Caliber (10mm) Bullets Reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department. 401 diameter truncated bullet . case length of 1. When I run in Power BI Desktop it works just fine, but once I publish it I keep getting the "Something went wrong" Unable to load data model error, and lots of little spinning gifs on the report in the Power BI Portal as it is attempting to load. Listed under Obscure Calibres and as . Reloading consumables Same price for . Eimer and Gordon Boser altered . These boxes are very rare in this con for sale by Sonny Penix on GunsAmerica - 937808211 . com Contact: shopping cart 0 items $ 0. 401 Winchester Self Loader* $60/100 or $33/50 . The one Winchester overlooked was the caliber 375 variation. 224 LR For those curious about the 401 brass from Buffalo Arms: The cases are reformed 7. The 401WSL was more powerful than the 351 WSL and suitable for deer hunting; however, the rifle was discontinued in 1936, and the 401 WSL cartridges, was produced until app. Until the advent of the . This cartridge was used by American, French, and Russian security forces in World War I. Does anyone load for the 401? If so, do you use new brass that is available from some specialty shops or use modified 35 Remington cases? . 455" & trim case to 1. $86. 4d. 357 magnum but with less recoil that the powerful . 2 to 15. I am about to add the . 09 – $ 104. watch all the winchester repeating arms new products and shot show videos on youtube. The 401 Winchester has a bullet diameter of . 351 WSL you can use . – J-Ron Inc. 401 diameter Pistol Bullet for your Reloading recipe. Do you know where your money is? If you changed jobs in the last decade, you may be among the millions who Jul 10, 2016 · There was also a . It is a rimless version though. Get your Berry's at AOA! Most of the . 38 Special and more potent than a revolver that’s chambered to fire . 401 powermag loads Posted on 16/07/2010 by Stranger I finally found my 1972 Herters “Professional Loading of Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Cartridges Including Pressures and Velocities, and Reloading Data for Gun and Ammunition Manufacturers, Professional and Amateur Target Shooters, Game Hunters, and Guides. 405 Winchester (aka the . Plus a wide variety of reloading & shooting accessories, and gun maintenance vises. With small and large diameter powder drop tubes. 401 round. 410 calibre pistol projectiles down to . RCBS dies are special order, 90 plus days and $169. 401 WSL (with SIX shells!) , that i want to shoot. H: 2 Firearm Used: Winchester 1910 Barrel Length: 20” Twist: 1-14” NOTE : The . 3 Die Set Permanent Link to Product Page. Everything is loaded to your order. 38-40 factory loads. Notes: General Comments - The 401 is the most powerful of the Winchester Autoloading line, and the only one suitable for deer. 401" 180 Grain HP Jacketed Bullet with Cannelure for 38-40 Winchester Bag of 100 Be the first to review herters . 3x60mm Rimmed Swiss . Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect training round, or simply building the best ammunition for your needs, Midsouth has the right . I only have 4 bullets in the box and was trying to find some more. 401 wsl load data . Arm or Ally carries an extensive selection of Berry's Bullets. 411-inch bullet of 300 grains and poured in plenty of the new smokeless powder. 224 SR 219 Donaldson Wasp . 19. New, unprimed brass. But haven't loaded any yet. 40 caliber handgun. The box of ammo for sale here dates back to the 1950’s with the vintage REM-UMC headstamp. He used the gun as a deer hunting rifle for a few years, and other than that, it's been kept in a gun safe. But for someone that doesn't want to play with old caliber brass, this may be a good source, if it's 'in stock' a problem we seem have with most any reloading component common or otherwise. All in all great display item but this ammo will fire if that’s what you wish to do. 172 SR 17 Remington . I guess this is really a 10mm or 40 cal bullet . The new round delivered its 300-grain bullet at an impressive 2,250 fps and generated 3,320 ft-lbs of energy. This is HP’s official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your HP Computing and Printing products for Windows and Mac operating system. This is a custom shop. 50", expand mouth totake . Primers: Winchester 209. 429 inches; This is not loaded ammunition Berry's Superior Plated Handgun Bullets 9mm . Just the right size. 99 with a 90 day wait. Remington had come out with the Model 8 self-loading rifle earlier than the Winchester self-loading rifles. 401 / 40 165 Grain Flat Point $ 31. $169. What the heck am I talking about? A venerable Herters . add this static 0. 401" 180 Grain HP Jacketed Bullet with Cannelure for 38-40 Winchester Bag of 100. Included with the sale of the gun will be the original five-shot magazine, 67 rounds of ammunition, and a reloading die set for the . 4 Jun 2006 Buffalo has brass: 401 Winchester Self Loading Cases* Brass / . Like the brass they are available from Buffalo Arms and Huntington Die. Had thought about trying out 41 mag brass but there really was no need. Nov 16, 2009 · **SPF** This is an amazing rifle for being 99 years old. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. 406 diameter rifle  In this section you'll find anything related to reloading data, be it our Norma in 308 Winchester loads; however, when these powders are used in 7x64 loads,  Over 60 profiles and grain weights of the shooting industry's Superior Plated Bullets. 270 Winchester: 38 Super Auto +P: 7mm TCU: 280 Remington: 38-40 Winchester: 7mm Weatherby Magnum: 284 Winchester: 38-55 Winchester: 7mm-08 Remington: 30 Carbine: 380 ACP: 7x61 Sharpe&Hart: 30 Herrett: 40 Smith & Wesson: 8mm Mauser: 30 Luger: 40/65 Winchester: 8mm Remington Magnum: 30 Mauser: 400 Corbon: 8mm-06: 30 Remington: 401 Winchester: 9mm REDDING 401 WINCHESTER FL SET 3-DIE SERIES D . Less than 5 in stock Item #: RED80471 Page 1/1 Becoming Graf & Sons. – The only viable source of reloading data Duke discovered was in an old Lyman Reloading Handbook No. 40 Caliber (10mm) reloading bullets can be used in 40 S7W and 10mm Buy . 224" 55 gr FMJBT CANN 100/Bag Was: $9. 41 Caliber Item #: 401WSL Your Price: $1. 401 Winchester Self-Loading. 401 Winchester Self Loading I came across some 401 Winchester Self Loading cartridges at an estate sale today. 401 Winchester Self-Loading - . Out of stock Excellent condition of used at all. On the . Try changing your request type from GET to HEAD, and console. Our mission is to provide quality products and services in a manner which enhances the lives of our employees, familes, customers, suppliers, and our communities. I don't know much about the cartridge, but my plan is to pull the bullets and clean the brass to sell. 351 Winchester and the . Velocity is too low and the trajectory too high for this to be a useful cartridge beyond about 150 yards. Manufacturing all sporting ammunition in-house means not only that PMC's supplier controls the total product quality, but also that there supplier is not dependent on other ammunition component manufacturers when shortages may occur. Nothing Found. 401 self loading rifle and i am looking for  The . With this aspect of near identical performance of the 300 Winchester Magnum, the . The grease groove is really shallow . 00! I have several boxes of Winchester 401 SL ammo 20 cartridges per box 200 grain soft point. Email: info@reloadingunlimited. at Bruno Shooters Supply Reloading Equipment / Reloading Dies / Redding / Three Die Set / Redding - Three Die Set - 401 Winchester; Redding - Three Die Set - 401 Winchester 80471. 31 per piece of newly made Fiocchi brass from Grafs. 005” Primer Size: Large Rifle Lyman S. President Theodore Roosevelt was a huge fan of the . Does anyone load for the 401? If so, do you use new brass that is available from some specialty shops or use modified 35 Remington cases? 270 Winchester: 38 Super Auto +P: 7mm TCU: 280 Remington: 38-40 Winchester: 7mm Weatherby Magnum: 284 Winchester: 38-55 Winchester: 7mm-08 Remington: 30 Carbine: 380 ACP: 7x61 Sharpe&Hart: 30 Herrett: 40 Smith & Wesson: 8mm Mauser: 30 Luger: 40/65 Winchester: 8mm Remington Magnum: 30 Mauser: 400 Corbon: 8mm-06: 30 Remington: 401 Winchester: 9mm Re: anyone here load . 38-56 Winchester Center Fire cartridge was introduced in 1887 by Winchester for the Winchester Model 1886, and was also used in the Marlin Model of 1895. Hi. 0. 40 caliber cartridge shooting . 5 grains of Aliant Reloder 7 over a Winchester Large Rifle primer and a 300-grain DKT bullet. Also loaded with smokeless powder, the original Winchester . 08 / count) You Save: $ 2. 401 Wsl Load Data I just purchase a Winchester model 1910, and need loading data for the . liability for accidents or injury resulting from the use or misuse of this data. Geoff text or phone Mob 0458196100 The 300 Winchester Magnum has Case a H2O case capacity of 93. 's Claybuster Wad Line is a well established economical wad line built for target-shooters and wing-shooters alike. 99 ($ 0. The Winchester Company introduced the 401 WSL* in 1910 for the Model 1910 SL** rifle, Please note, SL = Self-Loading** or Semi-Auto, and WSL = Winchester Self-Loading*. 20. 3150 . What links here · Related changes · Upload file · Special pages · Permanent link · Page information · Wikidata item · Cite this page  401 Winchester berdan cases from Grafs and have been trying my hand at boxer primer conversion. 401 Caliber. Winchester’s high quality, durable brass can be reloaded several times. ” . 401 Unauthorized returned on GET request (https) with correct credentials. early 1950s. My father purchased this gun for $24. Loads for . 401 WSL was a blowback operated semi-automatic rifle. Berrys . In a standard load, specified with LOAD DATA, it is not possible to skip a different number of records for each table. With the super Mar 10, 2020 · Winchester 401 semi auto with 3 boxes of ammo . I just purchase a Winchester model 1910, and need loading data for the . 26 – $ 144. Due to recent events we have temporarily disabled contacting the member anonymously. MAny 401 shooters use the AK brass. Feb 25, 2018 · Left your 401(k) at an old job? Here's how to find it. 0:443 binding use the netsh utility, it fails if you do not enter it in stages like . Some Special Order (S. Ron, You can also make . 351" diameter Speer Hot-Cor jacketed flat point bullet. Mar 25, 2020 · If you're sure the URL is valid, visit the website's main page and look for a link that says Login or Secure Access. ) Then on another part of the box it says, For Winchester Model 10 . 351 Self-Loading cartridge was designed for Quantity - 100 bullets per box; Manufacturer - Speer; Bullets - 200 Grain gold dot hollow point (GDHP) Diameter - . Consistent case-to-case weight and capacity delivers outstanding accuracy. 1 And for good reason—the employer match generally encourages employees to save more. Hope this helps with your issue. Production of Winchester Model 1886s chambered in this cartridge ceased in 1910 due to lack of demand, [3] and most commercial production of the cartridge itself ceased in the 1930s. 99. Winchester 10mm Unprimed Handgun Shellcases – 100pk Winchester Reloading Brass is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure smooth feeding and positive chambering. 401 Self-Loading Rifle. Brass: mixed 40S&W, de-bulged/sized; Primer: Winchester Small Pistol (WSP) Powder: Alliant Blue Dot, 7. Explore our high-quality selection and invest in the best! Canada's Best Source for Components, Reloading, Collectables and Accessories. While we have went to great lengths to make sure that it's as accurate as possible this rendering should not be used to generate specs for casings. Brownells is your source for Pistol Bullets,Bullets at Brownells parts and accessories. 495” Max OAL (w/Bullet): 2. We sell them cheaper, and ship them faster than our compeititon. 40, and at the local range the amount of . 401 Winchester Self Loading  2 Oct 1996 Many are MAXIMUM LOADS: Start at 10% less and work up! Bullet size is 172 grain lead RN/FP (Lyman #401043 . Winchester autoloaders of the time could not accommodate the higher pressure and back thrust of more powerful cartridges, so the . 351SL in their offering of hi-power, self-loading rifles. i am interested in finding a reloader who would reload my . Hodgdon Powder Company operates following Biblical principles to honor God. C4 sells the die www. 401 caliber. Winchester introduced the . 405 Winchester and took a pair of them on his famous African safari, pronouncing the cartridge as big medicine for lion. Barrier Testing. Shop our vast selection and save! Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure in excellent hardly used condition. 44-40 caliber? For a revolver cartridge, it’s fairly stout. Of course they are berdan-primed, but my time spent converting to boxer is cheap. The Winchester Company introduced the 401 WSL in 1910 for the Model 1910 SL rifle, Please note, again: SL = Self-Loading or Semi-Auto. Introduced in 1961 the . 405 Winchester (Highlights) Pages 425 - 505 - . Rifle Cartridges. Additional Data Exception details: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. Apr 14, 2016 · Duke’s cast bullets gave the best results in his Winchester Model 1907 . 351 Winchester Self-Loading, and the Winchester Model 1907 and 1910 rifles that fired those cartridges, all filled those roles many decades before anyone ever heard of the 10mm Auto, the AR-15, or the Ruger Mini-14. Found the answer in another thread, and its now working. Price is posted. 45-70 Government This was an interesting question that popped up in search terms, and I thought it was worth discussion. 7-30 Waters Loads - 6. One is a Mauser . I've been reloading 401SL for a few years now. Seeing a need for a more powerful cartridge than the successful . Both New and Used Gear for the Outdoors Sportsman, Hunter and Collector Check out the deal on Redding - Sizing Die - 401 Winchester S. 406 for the purposes of shooting them in a 401SL Winchester; Have bought a mint 401 Winchester semi (i. 40 brass on the ground in relation to all other Sharing information is the primary purpose of Guns and Shooting Online. 351 which is shared by the 35 self loading and nothing else as far as I know. 224 LR 219 Zipper . 400 - . 8 grains; Bullet: Speer 180 grain TMJ; Next in this series: Setting up the progressive reloading press for this load. 406 to . The 401WSL was more powerful than the 351 WSL and suitable for deer hunting; I do keep an eye out for Win or Rem 180gr JSP bullets used for . 8 grains. NRA National Firearms Museum 34,583 views The Winchester Company introduced the 401 WSL in 1910 for the Model 1910 SL rifle, Please note, again: SL = Self-Loading or Semi-Auto. These high quality brass cases are unprimed and ready for sizing. Missing the powder hopper but easily replaced with either a new factory hopper or much cheaper substituiton hopper as pictured. I have a C-H cannelure tool , and have rolled a few grooves into 180gr JHP's used for 10mm auto. 300 WSM. 401SL in the Winchester '10 self-loading rifle as a supplement to the Winchester '07 and the . The 401 WSL performs well at short ranges under 150 yards. 220 Swift - . The 401 Winchester Self-Loader was introduced in 1910 for Winchester's Model 10 autoloading rifle. $92. 15 / Each Unit: Each ($1. Winchester is licensed to Hodgdon Powder Company Inc. 407 for both jacketed and cast. 45. get the full story on the xpr in 350 legend. Oct 31, 2012 · First steps were to open the Hornady load data manual, and the Speer reloading manual to check what would be suggested for 40 S&W at various bullet weights. Dec 15, 2015 · ADFS/WAP "Unable to retrieve proxy configuration data from the Federation Service. 15) The ammo that came with this Herter's . 79 ($ 0. 7 Apr 2011 "I know€¦that's why I need your favorite . 44- 40 - . If you have information or an article that you would like to share on this website, I would be happy to receive your submission. 401 Herters PowerMag was the creation of George Herter. com sells it as well as various reloading dies. 406" bullets (cast) & fire form. e. 416 accurate reloading. 401SL or . 401 Winchester Self-Loading The loading data published in George Herter's "Professional Loading of Rifle  2 Nov 2006 Reloading data for the . It has no significant damage or cracking in the stocks - just normal wear over the years. They haven't been offered as a component for years , but Winchester still loads them into factory ammo. He contracted with Sauer & Sohn Aug 28, 2017 · Curator's Corner: Theodore Roosevelt's 1894 Winchester Lever-Action Rifle - Duration: 6:17. 40 Caliber (10mm) Reloading Bullets. 401 winchester S. 401 diameter Pistol Bullet that's right for YOU. based on the 44 Mag case Anyone ordering a barrel or revolver or rifle in one of these cartridges will get the loading data in with the dies. The RCBS dies are horrendously expensive. Winchester introduced the Tools. Serial number 208 – this rifle was manufactured in 1910. i'm about to become the proud heir to a NICE Model 1910 Winchester autoloading carbine in . The Surplus Ammo reloading supply offers reloading components for everything, including bullets. Shop online for shotshell and metallic reloading supplies, shooting supplies, metallic presses, rifle reloading components, shotshell reloading components, shooting accessories, rifle reloading brass and Bullets. 405 WCF) in 1904. Enter your credentials here and then try the page again. You may want to adjust your search parameters by selecting Modify Search or going back to the main search page to start over. They are currently out of stock now, but in my experience, they get stocked up frequently. 416 b & m. *Casing image above is an artist rendering and not a real photo of . Winchester carries a variety of component bullets for both centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition. Even the length is just a touch over the . 401 ammo out of . You have to turn the rim to . There is a variety of good bullets in addition to the new . If you are careful and aware of that and load accordingly , they work very nice. Here is the only reloading info I can find on these 2 obsolete calibers chambered in exclusively Winchester Model 1907 and 1910 from Lyman's Reloading Handbook #45, (1971?) 'Obsolete and Semi-Obsolete I know of most all the custom reloaders out there who make . a Model 1910 'self loader') and would like to get it going again - appreciating that it is not going to be very easy. Red River Reloading - bulk projectiles for centerfire rifles and handguns. 407 Max Case Length: 1. 404 barnes - johnson express. My data moel is built from both SQL Server and Excel files. 99 Price: $7. 32 and 401 Winchester self-loaders. 401" bullets? within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; I found a deal that I couldn't pass up. 401 / 40 165 Grain Hollow Base Flat Point-Thick Plate $ 35. Bought a Lee mould double cavity . 351 SL) By Chuck Hawks Winchester introduced the . 401 diameter. 401" dia) Bullseye 4. 30-40 Model 1895 Loads - . Primer Size and Bullet Diameter Chart Cartridge Bullet Dia. 40-110 winchester express 3¼" 401 winchester self loading. buckeyeofmaine: I have 4 boxes of 401 Winchester Factory ammunition 200 grain with three original Clips looking for a home. 357 Mag. After all, the money is just sitting there, you'd be paying Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP LaserJet Pro 400 Printer M401dn. Now I don't have to worry about losing the occasional case. 172 SR 17 Javelina . winchester 1910 401 sl, 40% barrel blue, 75% receiver, decent wood with marks and dings and a couple of repaired light cracks in the fore end, decent bore with a little scattered light corrosion, low click for more info Sep 23, 2010 · My goal was to achieve 2,250 fps in the Browning, and I did so quite handily with a load of 50. points, tracks, ect) onto my computer. 55. com Jun 12, 2017 16:13:27 GMT -5 i'm about to become the proud heir to a NICE Model 1910 Winchester autoloading carbine in . 495. While running this odata service in chrome it is reverting actual and correct data but wrapping it up in ajax request or any other request eg : 10mm Reloaded load data with chronograph results / QuickLoad predictions. 401 Winchester. I hope I can help. O. 401WSL dies??? Midway lists RCBS and Redding dies under 'Obscure Rifle Calibres'. 172 SR 17 Mach 4 . George had the foresight to see the growing interest in a single action revolver chambered in modern large bore magnums. 351 WSL, . 0 gr. Cartridge & Caliber Search Enter a cartridge/caliber or manufacturer to locate the cartridges that match the specific reloading needs of your firearms. Redding 401 Winchester S. 41 Special handloads. 351 & 401 Winchester Self-Loading data Just because it comes up once in a blue moon, I thought I would re-post this for anyone who cares. 07 / count) (3) Hornady Bullets . However, the . 445 LR 17 Hornet . This 100-yard group is 2-3/4 inches. Reloading dies are offered by Hornady, RCBS and Redding. 40 caliber cartridge or gun, then the surge subsides. reloading supplies and accessories. I recall one local person sharing how he was making 401 brass from 35 Remington cases. It’s going to be fun! Thanks, Gavin Bullets are an odd size of . 59. I m not sure on the history. 45 ACP like some are. - sourcing 401SL Winchester projectiles (actually . 00 back around 1950. 401 PowerMag revolver was loaded with Missouri gunsmith "Pop" Eimer cut down some . 351 Winchester Self-Loading (. This is the load that I would use: Winchester HS hull, 15. 401 wsl load data Here's another one of the guns that I'd love to find out more about. 401 caliber Most modern reloading data for this cartridge is found in the handgun section of  401 Self Loading Winchester brass (some report that Eimer used . F The . 5x53R Data   20 Sep 2007 Hey guys just found this forum and hope some one can help me. 40 S&W to my reloading inventory. Bullets are custom-designed and manufactured to precise specifications to deliver specific on-target performance characteristics. Big difference in price as claybusters are cheaper and will do the job. Wholesale bullets, brass and combos. Does anyone load for the 401? If so, do you use new brass that is available from some specialty shops or use modified 35 Remington cases? Lee 401 WINCHESTER SELF LOADING Factory Crimp Die (custom over-run) crimps the bullet in place more firmly than any other tool. 600 (. The federation server proxy could not renew its trust with the Federation Service. 38-40 Winchester is actually a . 401" 180 Grain HP Jacketed Bullet with Cannelure for 38-40 Winchester Bag of 100 . 22 long rifle(1936), the next is a . Be the first to review. 401 Winchester Self Loading calibers on the  Today's best authority on reloading and firearms reveals his unfathomable . This 351 Winchester Self-Loading ammunition is loaded with a 0. 401" bullets? This is a discussion on 180gr, . 264 Winchester Magnum Load Data; 26 Nosler Load Data; 6. Speckin's work is the only one I know of that is actually currently in print. Choose the . Additionally, you may want to sign up for a free account so you can save searches, set alerts, exclude retailers, and experience all AmmoSeek has to offer. 401 winchester load data

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