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Can you use 6v6 in place of 6l6

The power section of my Jet city could use some more headroom for sure, as u can't go past volume at 6 until I start getting crunchy, even with no preamp gain. If you really need the option of 6V6's and want to stick with Mesa, I'd recommend finding a used Lone Star Classic or Mark IV. #1 refers to a screen resistor that's not there, I think. Sep 21, 2015 · Soundwise, I'd say the 6L6 is louder and tighter with more headroom and precision in low frequencies and the 6V6 opposes as loose low end, more compression and a wee bit less volume. It will handle the abuse that currently can only be handled by the JJ 6V6-S. ANOS Genelex/GEC KT66 Jan 26, 2015 · I just picked up an amp built by a friend of mine. Ideally, I'd like to be able to "plug and play" any power tube I want: 6V6, 6L6, EL34, etc. ), but you can't necessarily go down from a 6L6GC to a 6V6. Please call 239-689-5941 or email with any questions and/or to place an order. I've also owned a bunch of other types of JJ power tubes, and can say that they've all been both reliable and durable. You might notice on the schematic that it receives the same B+ as the final. May 05, 2011 · This video was inspired by a question I was asked about swapping KT88's in place of EL34/6CA7's. At the time Philips had already developed and patented power pentode designs, which were rapidly replacing power triodes due to their greater efficiency. This equates to 42 separate and distinct combinations of driver and power tubes you can use with this amp. Prior to making a change like this, it is mandatory to verify with the manufacturer that the amp can handle the larger tubes. _I_ think this number was just in case, in the 6V6 heyday, they had a bunch of 300V plate stuff to use up. (Converts 6V6 and similar based/low power relatives like 6F6, 6G6, 6K6, 6Y6, etc. I did however upgrade my cathode resistor up to a 10 watt cement resistor just to make sure it was plenty beefy enough. Some folks peg the sonics of the JJ 6L6 as being a little flat or 2D or something, but I honestly don't know what they are talking about. The 5881 version may work well also in that amp. On this amp the preamp However, customized head cabinets can be ordered and matching external speaker cabinets are available. Yea but with the LSC, and Marks you have to run them in tweed mode, and the LSC you have to run in 100 watts, the Mark is probably similar. 6V6 amps often are, and you may need to up the cathode resistors popwer handling ability before doing it. 3 volts to light. then they came out with the 6l6gc which is what we now think of as 6l6 which should be a 30w tube. Keep in mind altering this amplifier in any way will void the warranty. 45 amps at 6. So it's a great way to compare these 6L6s offer a noticeably different range of distortion threshold and clip potential once you know 'where' to listen. The problem is the current draw of the tube filaments. Just not both at the same time. Tubes & Sound (12AX7 vs EL84 vs 6L6) If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I've used 6V6, EL84, 6L6, El34, and 6550 amps over the years. 6L6 tubes will draw more heater current and can operate at higher plate voltages. I heard a 6V6 Magnavox amp driving a coaxial 15" Jensen speaker in a system from the early 50's. I remember this old radio HIFI that was stripped from a console back in the early 60s There was a 12 inch speaker and a smaller speaker I think mid The over-spec'd Heyboer iron can handle it. If you don't change the speaker to a 4 Ohms one, power stays the same. Unlike the EL34 power tube, 6L6 tubes generally sound a little cleaner and tend to have a bit more beef in the low end as well as more bite on the top. The JJ 6V6 can even be used in place of a 6L6 in some amplifiers. I was looking for 6V6 tubes and my brain erased the "L" in the 6L6 Brimar tubes and inserted a "V" instead. Great for all playing styles, these tubes help you get the most out of your amp. 6 amps and some 6L6 amps can't handle this. Feb 19, 2009 · The 6L6 and 6V6 share the same pinout and are compatible in equipment specifically designed to use either one. Matched pairs are recommended to keep the amplifier balanced from side to side–if your amp uses 4 or more output tubes, you can use groups of matched pairs, and you do not necessarily need to buy a matched quartet, sextet or octet. Overall this tube has a warm and balanced tone with incredible separation and response. Other tube types in the 6L6 family include: 6L6, 6L6G, VT-115A, 6L6Y, 6L6GA, 6L6GAY, 6L6WGA, 6L6GB, 6L6WGB, 1614, 1622, 5932, and 7581. It had a metal envelope which was popular at that time for use in radio sets since it was less likely to break than a glass envelope. power tubes as well. The idea is to get that unbeatably clean tone with infinite headroom, and add pedals to get any sound that you want. Generally with these tubes the apparent level is similar up close to El34's and 6L6's but 6V6 amps don't have as much throw. What is the B+ voltage currently? (I'm assuming you're using a 5Y3 recto now) The 6L6 can easily handle the increased voltage but 6V6 are limited to a lower B+ (JJs are the exeption; not really a 6V6) Here's how to determine your B+ with the various rectos: SS (doides) 1. If you seek maximum clean headroom make sure you have a new and fresh tube here. You already have the best 6V6 on the market right now. It's basically an RH single ended design using 6L6 power tubes, 12AT7 driver and 5U4 rectifier. Grid bias voltage would have to be changed too. the 6L6GC is a 6L6 which can handle much more plate and screen voltages than the others. Normally, you shouldn't use 6L6 in a amp that calls for 6V6 (they go Boom), but the transformers in the DR usually can handle the extra current draw, so it's said. . May 20, 2016 · Bias should be adjusted when tubes are replaced. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The beam tetrode design of the 6L6 allowed RCA to circumvent Philips' pentode patent. wmv vs El84 vs 6V6 vs 6L6 vs 6550 From memory the 6L6 was rated at 30 Watts with 500 Volts on the plate as a Pentode, so the 6V6 is around half the power. is there any advantage to changing over to the 6v6's, other than a slight volume reduction? it has external bias test points, so it will be easy for me to do. You can also fatten up the clean and overdrive tone by intentionally mismatching the two tubes' bias which increases harmonic distortion. Check out the following tube reviews for guidance in getting the best possible tone out of your tube gear. Even love em in "single pot mode" such as in Champs and the various Valco/Supro amps, lovely guitar Re: 5881s in place of 6L6s? originally the 5881 was a military 25w version of a 6l6gb. Yellow Jacket Tube Converter Technical Information Close Yellow Jackets® tube converters allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of the most common guitar amp power tubes including 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 7027, 6550 and 7591. I mean, I know it's not there, but I think it's referring to a screen Can I Replace My Amp's EL84's with 6L6's? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. The first of this family of tubes to be introduced was the 6V6G by Ken-Rad Tube & Lamp Corporation in late 1936, with the availability by December of both Ken-Rad and Raytheon 6V6G tubes announced. The KT77's have slightly more low end than the E34L's but not as much as the JJ KT77's but both the E34L's and the KT77's have that mid range harmonic complexity that 6L6's don't have. The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube. Then you can use whichever you want. Fender has been using them since the 1940s and since then there have been many others who have designed hugely popular tube amplifiers that rely on the 6L6 tube types for their tone. com. If I am correct, I would like an antenna from you that I can use on my boat anchor Drakes. KT77 are a direct replacement for EL34 type tubes. Re: Fender type Amplifier voltages (power tubes) « Reply #24 on: March 06, 2009, 06:12:55 PM » If you are using 6V6 only and won't be using 6L6's the 41318 [125A1A] is the OT you want to use, that sounds like the one you mentioned w/6600 ohms and is the standard Xfrmr for all the higher power Fender 6V6 amps at 8 ohms load. In most cases it is a simple plug in swap and worse cas a few component values may need changing to keep it within specs. A rating of 0 to 50pf is best, but other values can be substituted. As such, I decided to use a fairly small plate load on the 6SN7. even the brothers of the 6L6 family (6L6, 6L6G, 6L6GB, 6L6GA, 6L6GC) should not be subbed with each other in certain situations. 13 guitarcapo 3 years ago I terms of sound, in my opinion a 6V6 has a bit more mid hump or mid boost than a 6L6. It can use EL-34, 5881 etc. In this set the plate voltage (320V) exceeds the spec for the 6V6 (315V design-center). Usually 20 watt amplifiers of pre 1955 vintage. the 6l6"s put out about 30 watts, and the 6v6 will be about 22. You can even run a 6V6 and a 6L6 power tube together and bias each tube properly. The 7027A tube has similar power ratings but with a different pin-out. How do they work? They give you simple Class-A operation from any amp. Another reason is the use of a tube rectifier, SS conversion is not the smartest idea for a DR with 6V6's. I'd also check if the amp is cathode biased first. "It is small enough to take anywhere you could take your guitar but big enough when you get there!" Mar 02, 2010 · You can use a quad of the JJ E34L's which are deeper and tighter than a standard EL34 or you can use a quad of the JJ KT77's to mix in with the 6L6GC's. The other end to ground. WARNING: A tube amplifier chassis contains lethal high voltage--sometimes over 700 volts AC and 500 volts DC. If your amplifier calls for this tube, you probably CANNOT use some of the earlier 6L6 tubes as they are not rated this high. to EL84) The YJUni is a direct pin to pin converterwith no internal voltage dropping or bias components. 6L6, 6L6G, and 6L6GA tubes should only be used in amplifiers with plate voltages under 400 volts. The JJ 6550 can be used in quite a few 6L6 amps that don't have room for KT66's or KT88's but this is a case by case scenario because the heater draw is 1. Following the introduction in July 1936 of the 6L6, the potential of the scaled  6V6 valve 6V6 tube. They are unlike any 6550 ever made and not sterile May 05, 2011 · This video was inspired by a question I was asked about swapping KT88's in place of EL34/6CA7's. I think most were made with sturdier stuff. There's no doubt that the ultra-linear pentode amps that came out from the mid 1950's on had less distortion than the earlier amps, pentode or tetrode. I imagine I'd have to swap out the stock 5Y3 rectifier for a GZ34 when I pull out the 6V6. So you're saying, it would be better to get an OT that is doing more work (i. The JJ Electronic 6V6S is another modern classic from JJ. The Groove Tubes 6L6-S is Slovakian made power tube that has a very aggressive, dynamic tone. CHECK YOUR AMP'S VOLTAGES! BE CAREFUL! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Yellow Jacket Tube Converter For 6L6 / EL34 / 6V6 / 6550, Duet at Amazon. This is the big-amp output tube traditionally seen in American-made amplifiers, and it has a bold, solid voice with firm lows and prominent highs, which can be strident in loud, clean amps, or more The good news is that after this mod is in place, you can use either EL34's or 6L6's just by adjusting the bias. The final tuning is a pi tuning arrangement. While the 6L6 has the same pin diagram and basic characteristics with higher plate dissipation, it is not always a drop in replacement and results may vary. e. Generating less power than other power tubes, 6V6's generally distort earlier. Cool comparison, but youtube video isn't exactly the best quality to listen on. I think they will > You could probably use a 6L6 to drive an 807 How to Bias a Tube Amplifier. Can be used anywhere; 6L6GB / 5881 - 25W version. the Z-Lux nails the tone even with the 6V6/6L6 difference. Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before using the tube. Still going to be louder considering the 6V6 is rated at about 15 watts Mpd. They were designed by Guitar Center to scoop a little extra mids out of the Spider Valves, so that people will sound extra awesome playing in the store. I'm planning on doing this to my 5e3 which I just ordered a w404248 ot for. Oct 11, 2015 · The crystal and coil can be changed in the circuit so that the transmitter can be used on the 40 meter or 80 meter Amateur radio bands. By Rob Robinette. The performance if competently engineered will be just as good, and can be better. But I have a few questions. But you can use ultralinear with tetrodes such as the 6V6. Two better choices would be KT77 or 6CA7. The 6L6 will work in the 6V6 circuit. Although Fender is best known for their 6L6 tube amp designs, they have had huge success with the Champ, Princeton, and Deluxe tube amps that all use 6V6GT output tubes. if you're planning to upgrade a 6V6 SE amp, then the PT and OT will need to be beefed up or they won't last very long - depending on how you run them. Can only be used on amps that call for 5881; KT66 - A 30W variation of 6L6, requires higher heater current; You can use 6L6GC where any of the other tubes are used, so if you aren't sure, go with 6L6GC types and you will be fine. com in the Core Projects/Building Blocks. This 6V6 has the standard rugged construction we’ve come to expect from JJ which allows it handle much higher plate voltages than the typical 6V6 tube. They are reliable, sound great and perform well. If I carried the amp around, I'd have to pull the tubes and carry them separately, which is sort of annoying. V7 + V8 – 6V6 or 6L6. These Brimar tubes are going up on eBay today. We find that these amps just like the Peavey XXX and JSX amps are hot in the EL34 mode and some are pretty cold in the 6L6 mode. The metal jacket version of the 6V6, labelled 6V6 with no GT in the suffix, has basically undergone no changes since it's introduction in the late 1940s. Priced lower than those with the W-E labels. thetubestore. The final draws about 120 mA. for example, one should not use a 6L6 or 6L6G tubes in place of an amplifier which uses 6L6GC tubes. 6L6 tube types can vary greatly in size, so check the clearances in your chassis if you plan to sub one type for another. 1 Apr 2009 Can I put 6v6 tubes in my Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue that was made 135, which makes the 6V6 have higher, not lower, gain than the 6L6. The 6l6's in push pull mode, driven by triode tubes (variations on the "Williamson" circuit) makes for an audio slice of heaven, at least to my ears. the heater current is an issue, but if the heater loading of a 6L6 of the heater secondary is still in spec, you should be ok. You can use a quad of the JJ E34L's which are deeper and tighter than a standard EL34 or you can use a quad of the JJ KT77's to mix in with the 6L6GC's. You place a . The 6V6 sound can be described as warm, and bluesy. An increased bias mismatch can cause an increase in hum so keep These can handle as much as 500 volts to the plate and will dissipate 30 watts. The Silverface Champ has the same output transformer as the Princeton and is good for one 6L6 or two 6V6 tubes. Do you use 6L6's or 7027A's? Nov 11, 2008 · 6L6GC is a special version of the 6L6 sold at Guitar Center. If yours has only 2 amps, this precludes the use of the 5U4. 6V6 / 7408. They handle more watts than other 6L6 versions, so if your amp is made to run them, you can't use the inferior, standard 6L6 tubes. 068 or 68mA. Jan 05, 2010 · If you use distortion any less than 75% of the time, you might want to consider the 6L6 and 6V6 tube amplifiers. As for the grid leak resistors, if the sum of plate and screen idle dissipation is less than 27 watts, you can use a maximum of 250K in fixed bias. But not all 6L6 amps are the same. At that time there were two important aspects to this build. 6EZ5's used to be $1 each until we talked about them too much. In a single ended amp designed conservatively for the 6V6 a 6L6 probably will work fine. These tubes mean a lot for tone and headroom. I'm actually very interested in building a clone of the Kendrick Roughneck, which can use either a 6V6 of a 6L6, if you swap recifiers. So do so at your own risk. Again, it’s not likely that you would feel the differences between the tubes at low volumes. KT88 vs EL34 vs 6L6 Substitution In Vacuum Tube Amplifier. A Comparison of Current Production 6L6GC Tubes. The 6V6 certainly has it's place though. The 6V6 family (6V6, 7408, 6AQ5, 6005, etc. If you are going to have to cut a hole anyway, and have the room, instead of 'replacing' the socket put in a second socket, and wire it up for the 6V6. As far as the bias circuit specs, if you are able to bias up the 6L6 within range, you are good to go. Reply(1 A2 Class A will be get much more power than Class A,which means 6V6 and 6AQ5 can be use as A2 Class Amplifier as much more power. 3v heater current and is rated for up to a 50uF first filter cap. When these two tubes are compared, it is often said that the 6L6 is darker sounding. The problem with putting 6L6's in a 6V6 amp is not the bias; that can be adjusted. Use what Mesa/Boogie uses to power their amps: the 6L6 STR 440 Duet! Mesa/Boogie 6L6 STR 440 Duet Amplifier Tube Matched Pair Features: Premium quality The same power tubes Mesa installs in their 6L6-equipped amps Reliable and consistent 6L6 is the designator for a vacuum tube introduced by Radio Corporation of America in July 1936. This version has a 30 watt plate dissipation, 500V plate rating and 450V 5watt screen rating. RCA introduced the 6L6 to the world in the 1930s. Those little tubes are 300 mils each (when run from 6 v), so there is no issue that a Champ can take the add'l heater current of a 6L6 with room to spare. Are you looking for the very best tubes for your vacuum tube amplifier? and Deluxe Reverbs, this can be considered a genuine OEM replacement part. Jun 21, 2007 · Andersen 6W amp (Fender Champ Copy) Samples with different tubes Equipment used: Epiphone LP Std (Gibson Classic '57 pickups) Andersen 6W Amp Cab 2x12" loaded with Eminence FS12. It will handle the abuse that currently can only be handled by the JJ 6V6-S tube. It is still in use in audio applications, especially electric guitar amplifiers. An amp designed for 6L6 can have 6V6 installed, but it would require the power supply altered to feed a lower plate voltage. I just read on Sound Source regarding a Mesa Blue Angel that "you can even use 6L6's in place of the 6V6's as the amp is self-biasing. 3v heater circuit as the rest of the tubes. This can provide more clean headroom if you need it - this is how the amp is set up right now. When you put 6L6GC's in a 6V6 amp, the 6L6GC ran cold, because the plate voltage was lower than what a 6L6GC normally runs at. 6L6 / 5881 Tube Reviews. Here is the amp under testing with a 12AU7 driver and a pair of JJ 6L6GC tubes. all those tubes sound different and the jj6v6 is less of a classic sounding 6v6 than some others like tung sol. It had a warm sound with lots of midrange detail. com asked if I might be interested in reviewing a bunch of 6L6’s. The 6L6 was the first beam tube released by RCA in March 1936 and the 6V6 in January 1938. This is more accelerated on output power tubes like 6L6. We all know the limitation of tubes. A 6L6 requires more power to heat up, if you put 'em in a vintage amp that is designed for 6V6s, you may overload the filament power supply, which is usually a seperate winding on the main power transformer. So it's no meters and headaches - Just plug the 6V6 or any of the 6L6 family in, let her warm-up, and you're a flick of the standby away from great tone. That said, you can still safely run either tube type as long as the bias is set correctly. to build 3 power amp sections: one for EL34 (2), 6L6 (2) and 6V6 (2) sharing the If you can take some with a camera in detail we can help. If your amp can run everything between a 6V6 and a 6L6GC, the 5881 should be fine, regardless of it being vintage or current production. There are many reasons why a DR sounds like a DR One of the reasons is running 6V6's on the edge of their capabilities. Use two for stereo rigs. The first was that it was partially an experiment to see if an alternating current filter supply would cause 60Hz hum in the output if the B+ supply was very clean. This is a large batch of Barbra Streisand. Stock tube is a 6V6, and if this works I think it would give the amp a bit more volume and headroom. Lots of folks do use 6550 in place of 7027 in the B series (PortaFlex) amps with no problem, but I'd say you ought to check the filament voltage (as noted above) and power xfmr after it's been on a while, if it's getting way warm (like burns your fingers), you should check the bias voltage/current, and consider going back to 6L6-GC or If you want to use a tube rectifier but your power transformer does not have a 5v heater circuit you can use an EZ81 rectifier tube which uses a standard 9 pin socket and the same 6. You can use a GC anywhere without a problem, but not vice-versa. It leans more towards a 6L6 (type) tube. You can go up from a 6V6 to a 6L6 variant (6L6, 6L6B, 6L6GC, etc. So, use KT66's ONLY in amplifiers designed to use this tube. Traditionally 315 boogey, 350V if you actually measure it. That is why they are not used in new equipment anymore. say. In amps that are made to use both 6L6's and EL34's the JJ 6550's are almost universally usable. one that's a bit too small) than one that isn't doing enough work (one that's too big, a 6L6 OT in a 6V6 amp) because it'll produce more distortion. You can hear Review by Tim Smith. Yellow Jackets® tube converters allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of the most common guitar amp power tubes, including 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 7027, 6550, and 7591. What do you Jan 15, 2009 · Think “big Fender amp tone” and you’re thinking 6L6 (also sometimes substituted for the interchangeable 5881, essentially a ruggedized 6L6). : INTRODUCTION Last time I touched vacuum tubes was around 1967 when I was repairing radios and TV. There are other factors that effect plate dissipation and maximum power, but voltage is a great place to start. This is the ultimate 6L6GC/KT66 type of tube, and probably one of the most sought after WE tubes next to the 300B. As you use your tube amp, tubes wear out due to the heat it generates. Vintage or new, boutique or not, let's talk about the sweet tone makers. They can use a 6v6 in one socket and an EL34 in the other. OK, Chip (W1YW), I think I know who you are. The 6L6GC is the latest version of the 6L6 tube. Generally, yes - if you don't know what to check for, it's a very bad idea, and there is certainly no way you should just 'put' 6V6s in a 6L6 amp and expect it to work without blowing something. Q: I have a guitar amp that uses 6L6 power tubes, and I would like to try KT-66 and 5881 power tubes to hear what difference it makes in tone and volume. As you can see, the EL84 is almost as power-hungry as the 5881, but is only about half as powerful in terms of wattage. For optimized power transfer you would want to use an OT with an 8K plate-plate Z. alrighty- my allen accomplice jr. The impedance of a 6V6 is about double that of a 6L6 so speaker load should be doubled also if you're using both with the same output transformer. I've read that KT66 tubes can be used in amps using 6L6 tubes to "get a more British Sound". With the original tubes the amp would start clipping sooner than with the 6L6's, so I actually gained more clean headroom which translates to more volume with the same amount of power. They are unlike any 6550 ever made and not sterile Mar 30, 2008 · The rated filament current for a 6V6 is about 450ma, and the 6L6 is about 900, but you have to remember that the tranny is feeding all of the tubes, so at 300 per pre tube, 150ma for the light, and 450 for a standard 6v6, you're drawing about 750-1000ma. All current production 6L6 tubes are great tubes. Note: Due to the high prices of US made 6L6's, these are starting to sell fast! I will be raising the price again soon to reflect that so if you are thinking about buying some, get the now before the price goes up again. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. A2 Class Amplifier. ? I've heard there tone character is almost the same. 6V6 Pushpull Calss AB Tube Mono Amp. The EH 6V6 can take high plate voltages while producing sweet, singing sustain or all of its unique construction and think of it as something between a 6V6 and 6L6. will a Route 66 be able to use 6L6 tubes? Also ar Don, what 6L6's did you use? A 6L6 GC is rated for 30 watts mpd, where as a 6L6b/5881 is rated at 23 watts Mpd. If I  23 Nov 2018 The 6V6, 6L6, KT66, KT88, and 6550 tubes are all beam tetrodes (with four To check your amp for tube fit, you can look at your amp's socket Those tubes each use . but instead of 30 watts each I would have 14 each I bias my amp myself. A Yellow Jacket Converter is a type of specialized adapter which permits the use of a EL84/6BQ5 power tube in place of a 6V6, 6L6, EL34, and 7591 type. Contact Rondo for 5E3-6L6 pricing. I wouldn't use a 6V6 in place of an EL34, because it might not survive very long. 6V6's can't take the same plate and screen voltage as a 6L6GC, so putting a 6V6 in a 6L6GC amp May 11, 2006 · You should be aware you are asking that power transformer to run the equivalent of SIX 6L6 tubes when you replace EL34s in a 4 tube amp. It is meant for use in lower power output amps (20W or less) when no power reductionis desired and you would prefer to use the amp’s original bias circuit. So, here's the first part. The comparison is usually in the same amp, and if a single-ended amp is biased optimum for the 6V6, a 6L6 put in its place will always run cold; why? BEST ANSWER: Thank you for your interest in this tube amp. The new TAD does this and more. 6L6 substitute Showing 1-53 of 53 messages I have a NOS 6DQ6 I can use in place of the 6L6s. you can swap them into your amp but you will need to rebias, as you should any time you swap power tubes, even if they are the same type. Can I do this? A: We do not recommend that you try this sort of thing unless you are positive you know what you are doing. Nov 25, 2017 · Z-Lux or EZG-50 for 6L6 Fender tone? you’re in the right place for edge of breakup. Both amps more or less occupy the same place in the general range of amps out there, so it's easy to see why people compare them, but the Rambler (6L6's) and the Fender Deluxe (6V6's) behave very differently in practical use. ) The two candidates were the 6V6 and the 6L6. 6L6 = 900 ma, 6V6 = 450 ma. I'm willing to mix old and new technologies (the best of both worlds), and I have limited space for an antenna. Thus if you use 6L6s in a 69 super reverb the tubes will fry. I noticed when researching this topic that there are adapters for 6v6 tubes in a El84 socket. 6L6GC - 30W version. 60% X 68mA = 41mA 65% X 68mA = 44mA You can go up to max 70% dissipation, but that would be pushing it. I build Champs that can swap from 6V6 to 6L6 to EL34 that are Most Allen amps are designed to take 6V6's or 6L6's interchangebly, as well. Please order Ruby(JJ)6L6GC-CZ's. One to the hot side of the coil connection, where C6 and C7 connect. Mar 31, 2008 · that a 6L6 will fry when used in place of a 6L6GC. My theory is that your amp possibly came with 6550s, and either the original owner, or the store that you purchased it from, attempted to improve the tone of the amp by installing 6L6 tubes in place of the This 6V6 has the standard rugged construction we’ve come to expect from JJ which allows it handle much higher plate voltages than the typical 6V6 tube. You can also find some low power push pull designs there but not using a 6V6 or EL84. You can also use a variable capacitor (miniature is best) if you have that instead of a mica trimmer. I bought these tubes on eBay. The ratings of the 6L6 far exceed those of the 6V6. Do not expect it to sound the same only quieter, the 6V6's will be biased really deep into AB, it may be really cool, but different. As I said earlier the 6V6 can be used in place of a 6F6 as long as the voltages were within spec. How to build up easy RIAA for LP player Radio Garden warld wide live radio any where place in the world ,any place of country side ,you can watch try this site r/ToobAmps: A place for tone seekers to discuss tube amps and analog goodies. And as I recall, those amps can use EL34s in place of the 6L6. The JJ 6V6's are so robust that we have been using them in lots of amps The JJ KT77 is a drop in replacement for almost any EL34 type tube amp for a little The JJ KT66 can be used in a variety of amps that use 6L6's if there is room! Buy Yellow Jacket Tube Converter For 6L6 / EL34 / 6V6 / 6550, Duet: Tubes adapter for use in most 20 to 100 watt amps that use 6L6, EL34, 6550 or 6V6 output If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through The Yellow Jacket adapter has no system to hold the EL84 tubes in place. The EZ81 uses 1 amp of 6. Look at the single ended power amp projects. You can find how to do that over at AX84. This transmitter was originally fit with an SO-239 coax socket but you can use any feed type that you wish, even a direct wire ( needs to be either 67 or 135 feet, though. Too large of a value will make it difficult to adjust the trimmer (C12). 4 x SEC AC If you do a variable cathode bias circuit you can swap out the power tube with whatever suits you 6V6 6L6 5881 KT66 KT77 EL34. Although I did not test all 42 combinations, I did test a few different power tubes with a 12AU7 driver. DO NOT be fooled into thinking that you can bias the amp accurately as stated in the Bugera manual and on their website. I am inclined to use 807's in place of 6L6's in my builds, so think of B+ much higher So a genuine Champ has a massively overpowered tranny if you want to look at it that way. If you want to lower the clean headroom you may use 12ax7 in this position. In push-pull tube amplifiers 15W is typical. The NOS GE 6V6 and the current-production EH 6V6 are essentially the same in power draw. The GT 6L6-S has also been described as sweet and punchy. Jul 31, 2011 · I've heard of people using 6L6 power tubes in their Deluxe Reverbs, instead of the spec'd for 6V6, for a bit more clean headroom. A short article on 6V6 and 6L6 6V6 and 6L6 output valves and what to do not to For an amp with four output valves you only need a matched pair to put one in . And forget any biasing headache; the ST-R is cathode "auto" biased, just like every Swart. Shortly after my EL34 tube review on Wall of Sound, Jon Esau of www. 6L6G where a 6L6GC belongs, you will need to stay close and wait for the FIRE! _____ The JJ 6V6 is not really a 6V6. Traditionalists don’t seem to trust the JJ because of its unique construction and think of it as something between a 6V6 and 6L6. I don't tried yet. Aug 11, 2008 · If you should decide to try the 6V6/Yellow Jacket combination in your ampyou can use either the 6V6s or the Yellow Jackets in the outside tube sockets (although most people seem to prefer to use the YJs in the outside sockets). You need to adjust bias of these tubes when changing them or the rectifier tube. This allows you to use unmatched tubes but bias them evenly. It has all the classic tone you want, plenty of gain and very little noise at all. If you accidently break a base loose, you can re-bond the base with a thin bead of gel-type super glue or marine varnish. amp can use 6l6 tubes (currently in amp) or 6v6 tubes. Use it for practice (with our without the band), recording, or even small gigs or where you can mike it. Increasing the cathode bias resistor is often necessary. If the operating conditions are within the range of what a 6V6 will take, it can be done. Funny thing, last night I was pondering building a deluxe with 2x10's, and here you show up with this thread! 6L6 tube is a very popular output tube in guitar amps. I am sure there are many "tube" guys that will tell you haw they did it. steven I play gospel music, and love the tone of my 67 twin, but there's a vol problem can I replace my 6L6's with 6V6's to cut on the vol. You'll need to half the load impedance to get it to work properly and you wont suddenly get 50 Watts out, it'll still be around 22 watts. The Yellow Jacket adapter has no system to hold the EL84 tubes in place. EDIT: I just looked it up, voltage is pretty safe for most 6V6's. Mar 10, 2016 · Fender Deville 4x10 - Power Tube change from Groove Tube to JJ 6L6 rather just a tone comparison between the Old Stock Groove Tube 6L6 compared to the JJ 6L6GC . That sort of thing. Oh, you can stuff 6EZ5's into it and pick up a little more dynamics with a very little loss of detail. Some In addition, when changing to a higher output rectifier in a "self biasing" (aka "cathode biased" amp, eg, Champ and others) never assume that the power tube (s) is/are safe. yes, 6V6 has been around about as long as its big brother 6L6. But if you want to lower the output in your tube amp so you can crank it like a mothaducka, these are the adapters and tubes for you. I expect a power output of at least 25 Watts once I replace the 6V6 tube with a 6L6! Has anyone tried swapping a 6L6 into a Fender Champion 600? I can't get a straight answer from Google as to weather or not this would fry the transformer. I don't mind being wrong and I always say "correct me if I'm wrong" when giving my humble advice but this asshole gave me a real ass reaming. With the adjustable bias you're talking about it would be an awesome amp to try different tubes/bias in. In single-ended tube amps one 6V6 output tube can produce about 5 watts of power. Because of this, there are many versions by different manufacturers. I'm working on a 2 x 6v6 push pull design right now that uses separate cathode bias resistors without any problems so far. 6v6 tubes are know for having much more headroom 6BG6 To 6L6/7027A Conversion Requires NO Equipment Modifications. At the time of the writing I only had a 6V6 tube and power output was only 5 Watts. I don't even have words to describe how good it is. if you do that, then may as Wow that's a lot to mull over. At 28 watts the Rambler makes more power and is cleaner than a Deluxe, and their pre-amp sections are similar. The 6V6 Lacewood amp was designed and built in the first half of 2011. Okay, that’s a bit of information that so far has nothing to do with your question, but let me see if I can tie it all together for you. Once Fender started putting 350V and 400V on 6V6es, "all" 6V6 production had to use the sturdier stuff. BUT, 1K screens is OK to use for both 6L6 and EL34. The rich, full range of bass frequencies highlighted in 6L6s can generate a wide sonic footprint when pushed, but too much power section clip with a 6L6 can cause bass "bloom" that expands beyond a desirable sound. I think some the THD brand amps do this. It happens to be one of my two favorite tubes, right up there tied with the majestic 845 that I use in my Line Magnetic amplifier. It's everything the 6V6 amp is, but bigger. The 6L6 may be used in most 6V6 audio applications if the heater supply will handle the increased current. The technical and official answer to your question is no, you can not use 6L6 or EL84 tube in this amp. A few — but definitely not all — 6V6 amps can handle 6L6 or even EL-34 power tubes. Here are a few amps which use the 6V6 valve: You can get, yes you've guessed it, about 28W of power from four 6V6 valves in this  14 Nov 2019 Can all 6V6s amplifiers run 6L6s? Without wanting to oversimplify things, you should imagine that two 6V6s take up the same electrical 'space' as  In single-ended tube amps one 6V6 output tube can produce about 5 watts of Although Fender is best known for their 6L6 tube amp designs, they have had the Champ, Princeton, and Deluxe tube amps that all use 6V6GT output tubes. The same amp with different transformers is what I use with 6V6's, and within its power limitations, it is my favorite of all 4 tubes. i use the jjs and i like them just fine. Could it be that the Sovtek's just suck? What position do you have the cathode bias switch set for the 5881's? 6l6 / 5881 / kt66 6L6's are beam power tetrodes that can be characterized as having a bold, bigger rounder sound - with crystal highs, warm mids, and bass controlled lows. you can use the 6L6 but then you'll need to keep the plate dissipation in the 6V6 realm. It's running 300 VDC to the plate. Add the 6L6, and you're drawing about 1200mA, which is an increase of only about 30 percent. So running a 6L6 in an Silverface Champ is no sweat for the OT which is great. Overall this tube has For use in most 20 to 100 watt amps which use 6L6, EL34, 6550 or 6V6 output tubes. If your amp calls for the 350B or can use it in place of a KT66/6L6 (the 350B has higher filament current draw) then these may be the last and best you will ever buy. Nick, I do not believe that I'm getting more output power by simply installing the 6L6's in place of the 6V6's. That's the first part of this thread. If you have not been trained to work with high voltage then have an amp technician adjust the amp's bias. "The amp is perfect. It WILL sound different, but not that much. I agree with you that a 1K cathode resistor seems high. If you can get over the 6V6 thing, you'll really like an Express. I goofed, though. The 6F6 can be considered obsolete and has higher distortion and lower efficiency than the 6V6 which was designed to replace it. You should be good to go, as long as you use the right replacement type on the right type! As for the sound, a KT77 is a beefed up EL34 - it should sound a bit more toward a 6L6. In my experience: 6L6 - wide frequency response, tight/hard sounding EL34 - more midrange focused, softer/more pleasant Both have their place of course, neither is better. If you are willing to re-bias or otherwise modify your amplifier, 2 of the other 3 tubes will probably survive in it: the 6L6 and the KT66. 6V6 and 6L6 tubes share the same base. The opposite goes for the KT66 - it's a 6L6 with a british vibe. ) can be a little cool in the UL mode and I wanted to preserve some warmth as this amp will be used mostly for soft jazz and light classical music. A: The answer depends on the specific amp you’re using. Are you looking for the very best tubes for your vacuum tube amplifier? This is the place to start. It's not any more work than replacing the noval. Back to top The JJ Electronic 6V6S is another modern classic from JJ. 6L6/G/GA/GB can handle only 250 plate Volts, whereas the GC can handle 400 plate Volts. YellowJackets aren't going to give you the EL34 sound, but it certainly does give you a different tone, they are safe and it cuts the volume to boot. ALWAYs check the bias and idle power of the tube with the new rectifier to be certain that it is running within spec. Is this really true? Is the reverse the case? i. I've had some great tubes in this old Super Reverb, and the JJs sound every bit as good. 6K plate-plate Z, but your power transfer will be shitty. However, do not assume that your amp can do so. It can also use a GZ34 and similar rectifier tubes. Call to place an A KT66 will operate safely into an OT with a 3. For biasing a 6L6, I would figure 30W/438 plate voltage = . So here's my take after demoing both EL34 and KT77 in a Peavey 3120 (fantastic Usually you can swap KT77 for EL34 but there are apparently some amps that can't do it. It runs very cool and sounds great. From our review: The TAD 6V6GT-STR tube has all the classic tone you want, plenty of gain and very little noise at all. The second part is if you can use 6L6 tubes in place of 6V6 tubes in your amp. With a 12AU7 preamp tube installed, it is a great little harp amp, too. can you use 6v6 in place of 6l6

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